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Immaculate shorelines, complete with secluded diamond-white beaches and stunning azure ocean waters; a holiday in Mozambique is exactly what you need. 

Looking for Africa honeymoons that will eclipse all others? Mozambique is ideal. Boasting beautiful secluded beaches, you can stroll and soak up the sun with your loved one in private exclusivity. Indulge with seaside picnics or romantic dining experiences that will see the waves lapping at your feet while the sunset illuminates the skies in opulent shades of pink and orange overhead. Honeymoons in Africa don’t get much more blissful than this.

The dreamy coastline is also the perfect destination for a thrilling family  beach holiday in Africa. Mozambique holidays can be as exciting or as relaxing as you want, with kayaking, canoeing, diving, snorkelling and a spectacular array of tours and excursions to keep children of all ages entertained. Create lifelong memories on the powder-soft sands as you explore this fascinating destination together, or simply relax and unwind in the radiant African sunshine.

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Diamonds Mequfi Beach Resort
Africa, Mozambique
Unwind in secluded exclusivity at this dazzling resort in Mozambique; the aptly named Diamonds Dream is unlike any other beach holiday experience. Wake up a stone’s throw from the azure ocean in a beautifully decorated modern villa and listen to
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Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort
Africa, Mozambique
Jet off to this exclusive island hidden off the coast of Mozambique in the dazzling azure waters of the Indian Ocean. Experience the height of luxury as you unwind in the cool waters of your plunge pool on your private
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andBeyond Benguerra Island
Africa, Mozambique
Welcome to paradise. Benguerra Island is a beautiful beach destination just west of Mozambique’s treasured coastline, nestled within a stunning protected marine reserve of the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park. Warm waters, swaying palms and pristine coral gardens teeming with marine
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Best Time to travel to

May to November is the ideal time to visit Mozambique as these months see more bearable temperatures and less rain. While December to April sees higher temperatures, there is a higher chance of rain.



























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Build your tailor-made honeymoon package with a holiday in Mozambique and you’re sure to kick your marriage of in luxurious style. Enjoy the seclusion and exclusivity that you crave when on the honeymoon of your dreams with a visit to Mozambique’s immaculate coast. Unwind together and turn up the romance with seaside picnics and private meals on the beach, or have a honeymoon adventure with diving, kayaking and exciting excursions that will see you observing some of Africa’s fantastic wildlife. Either way, you’ll enjoy the honeymoon of a lifetime.

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Choose Africa for a romantic all-inclusive couples’ holiday like no other. Turn up the heat in the radiant African sun with sumptuous picnics on the beach or private seaside evening meals under the sensational sunset. Explore stunning National Park savannahs or vibrant coral reefs together for an adventurous couples’ holiday or simply unwind with lavish spa treatments and long romantic strolls on the diamond-white sands. The choice is yours in the wondrous destination.

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Holidays in Africa don’t have to be all about camping; you could have the all-inclusive family holiday you’ve always wanted, complete with dazzling beaches and activities to keep children of all ages entertained. Observe spectacular wildlife with a trip to Mozambique’s national parks, explore coral reefs with snorkelling and diving excursions, or simply relax on the secluded, powder-soft beaches. Either way, the entire family is guaranteed an unforgettable holiday.

Things to do in

At the top of the list is snorkelling. Mozambique’s coastline is one of the few places in the world where you can find vibrant and lively coral reefs, teeming with an amalgam of exotic fish and spectacular marine plants. 

Venture out and prepare for a truly remarkable sight as you explore the reefs below. With waters as crystal clear as these, you won’t miss a single detail – you’ll see the marvellous marine life in all its effervescent multi-coloured glory. Snorkelling is ideal for all the family, as you don’t have to journey far out to sea to be able to witness the wonder that awaits in the rich turquoise waters.

Scuba Diving

If snorkelling in Mozambique doesn’t provide a close enough encounter for your liking, scuba diving is also a popular activity, with almost all resorts offering classes and excursions.

As well as the extraordinary corals, guests could see first-hand a diverse range of rare and incredible sea creatures. From smaller clown fish and other such colourful reef fish, all the way up to turtles, dolphins, reef sharks, moray eels and squids, to name but a few. In addition to the mesmerising corals, whales are native to these waters, so you could be swimming amongst the greatest of ocean wildlife.

Whale Watching

Africa isn’t only home to the grandest of the land mammals, but also to some of the largest sea mammals – whales. You could get a first-hand view of awe-inspiring whales on a truly unforgettable boat trip.

Journey out to sea and encounter humpback whales as they surface for air: expert operators will take you to different spots where these gargantuan animals are often spotted, and most operators guarantee sightings. While waiting for the main event, you may also be treated to a warm-up show from the mesmerising spinning dolphins that also populate the waters.

Gorongosa National Park

Located in the colossal Great Rift Valley in central Mozambique, the impressive Gorongosa National Park is a lush wonderland of sweeping savannahs and emerald-hued forests.

 Venture to these beautiful landscapes and you’ll be treated to views of some of Africa’s most spectacular wildlife. From majestic lion prides to playful hippos that splash in the waterholes, you’ll be able to witness rare and dazzling animals like never before, all while admiring Mozambique’s unaltered natural beauty. Jagged mountain rocks, wetland rivers and tumbling multitiered waterfalls all await you in this wondrous National Park.

Unspoilt Beaches

Venture to the pristine diamond-white coastline and unwind on powder-soft sands as the gentle foamy waves wash up the shore and lap at your feet. 

For dreamy beach honeymoons enjoy romantic strolls or private picnics and evening meals as the sun sets over the horizon. For the perfect family holiday on the beach, take to the sea and have kayaking or paddle boarding adventures together. Days on the beach in Mozambique can be as adventurous or as laidback as you want; the options are truly endless on these spectacular shores.

The Quirimbas Archipelago

Journey a short distance from Mozambiqe’s northern coast and discover an archipelago that could rival even the dreamiest of island paradises. For a day of seclusion and romance, what could be more perfect? 

Unwind on these exclusive islands and admire the natural beauty that surrounds you; the crystal turquoise waters, the magnificent white sands, lush swaying palms and vibrant reefs teeming with marine wildlife just waiting to be discovered. With a fantastic array of dive sites and long pristine beaches, there’ll be no shortage of exploration or relaxation – whichever you crave.

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