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The mere mention of the Serengeti brings to mind images of vast mottled savannahs, lions sharing space with elephants, and native Masai tribes clad in colours as bright as the African sunset.

Lying just south of Kenya, Tanzania boasts a rich landscape that is both historic and varied. While the Serengeti epitomises the iconic African safari exerience, with promising unique encounters with the continent's "Big Five", the archipelago of Zanzibar boasts white-sand beaches and dazzling turquoise water, the iconic Mt Kilimanjaro sits snuggly between the two.

Adventurous newlyweds who choose Tanzania as their honeymoon destination will instantly fall in love with the authenticity and romance that this coveted destination exudes. Wake up to bush breakfasts with views of the elephants drinking from the nearby waterholes, relax after thrilling game drives with a soak in your own private pool just steps from your luxury tent, and reconnect with nature as you fall asleep under the milky way to the soothing sounds of the African wilderness. 

Those looking to plan an unforgettable family getaway would not go wrong with Tanzania. No amount of classroom hours can beat the thrill of getting a first-hand education about the lions, elephants and rhinos of Africa from a wildlife expert that brings you up close to these incredible animals on daily game drives. 

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Zanzibar is a destination brimming with crystal clear turquoise waters and pure white sandy coastlines. Discover a side of Africa you may have never noticed before.
Arusha Coffee Lodge by Elewana
Africa, Tanzania
You’ll stray far from the rich aroma of coffee trees when you stay at Arusha Coffee Lodge... the perfect wake-up call when it comes to rising early for your wildlife adventures! Lying at the foot of Mount Meru is a
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Kuro Tarangire
Africa, Tanzania
Tarangire lies just off Tanzania’s most well-trodden safari circuit, making it the perfect place for travellers on Tanzania holidays to escape the crowds and enjoy a quieter, more peaceful safari experience. Home to dozens of wildlife populations (including large elephant
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Entamanu Ngorongoro
Africa, Tanzania
One of the features that helps Tanzania to stand out amongst the crowd of fabulous destinations in Africa is its sweeping inactive volcanic caldera; the Ngorongoro Crater is our planet’s largest inactive and intact caldera and is home to a
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The best times for viewing Tanzania’s gorgeous wildlife is during the dry seasonal months of June to October, with the best chance of seeing the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti falling be-tween June and July.




























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Spend your honeymoon in the vast lush landscapes of the Serengeti and you're bound to have the adventure of a lifetime. Kick your marriage off with an expedition like no other in Tanzania, full of exhilarating wildlife and luxury camping conditions. With the ideal all-inclusive package waiting for you, what could be more exciting than a safari honeymoon?

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Bring a thrill into your relationship with the ultimate exhilarating couples holiday. Stay in luxury style while exploring the vast savannahs that Tanzania has to offer, teeming with marvellous wildlife and spectacular views. You won't have a moment of boredom while on the adventuruous couples holiday of a lifetime in the wonderful sunshine of Tanzania.

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For a family holiday experience with a difference, you can do no better than a safari in the spectacular wonderland of Tanzania. Boasting an eclectic range of all-inclusive safari packages, you and the kids could spend your days witnessing some of the world's most magnificent wildlife first-hand. You'll be hard pressed to find a more beautiful family holiday destination or a more thrilling itinerary.

Things to do in
Safari in the Serengeti

Nowhere answers the call of the wild quite like Tanzania's Serengeti. The iconic image of a lone acacia tree silhouetted against a burnt-orange sunset has become synonymous with this fabled destination.

The Serengeti is home to not only the Big Five (elephants, lions, leopards, cape buffaloes and rhinoceros), but also to the Great Migration of wildebeests and zebra, and a wide array of other wildlife that are native to this historic continent. Thrilling morning, afternoon and evening game drives will offer plenty of opportunities to see these astounding creatures and don’t forget, no two safaris are the same.

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Not an easy feat and definitely reserved for the more energetic and adventurous traveller, but if you love hiking, exploring and ticking off bucket-list worthy experiences, very little will compare to the thrill of conquering Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Mount Kilimanjaro is not only Africa’s tallest mountain, but also the world’s tallest lone-standing mountain. A climb this huge is not to be taken lightly and will require a bit of preparation to ensure everything goes as smoothly and easily as possible, but it is said to be easier than climbing Mount Everest and promises absolutely breathtaking views at the summit.

Hot Air Balloon Adventure

A hot air balloon safari over the mottled plains of the Serengeti is a must-do when visiting Tanzania, as it offers an entirely new romantic perspective of the park that cannot be appreciated from any other vantage point.

A sunrise charter across the plains is silent except for the occasional blast from the burners and distant sounds of birds and wildlife that dwell below, it’s truly exhilarating. Opt for a sunset journey and you can sip champagne as you watch the sun drop below the horizon and cast enchanting shades of orange and red into the sky.

Ngorongoro Crater

Considered the Cradle of Mankind, Ngorongoro Crater was formed when a giant volcano exploded and collapsed in on itself, and has since become a natural meeting point for all the animals in the Serengeti of Tanzania.

Game drives into this incredible natural enclosure promises un-matched views and personal interactions with the Big Five and many other animals, as well as the chance to learn more about the origins of humankind, with fossils being discovered here that date back nearly 1.8 million years ago to the very first stages of human development; much more exciting then your average history lesson!


Just off the coastline of Tanzania sits Zanzibar, a beautiful island offering a completely different landscape from the endless savannah of the Serengeti.

Contrast your game safaris and bush sleep-outs with white sand beaches and kaleidoscopic coral gardens when you visit Zanzibar. This beautiful island boasts swaying coconut palms, hidden coves and crystal clear waters, making the perfect romantic getaway to round off an incredible trip to Tanzania. Spend your days scuba diving, snorkelling, on sunset cruises and so much more on an island that could easily rival Mauritius and the Seychelles.

Bush Breakfasts

You can spend your days however you see fit while you enjoy your stay in Tanzania, and we think the best way to reward an early start after a thrilling game drive is with a luxurious bush breakfast.

Bush breakfasts are often enjoyed straight after a game safari, and the camp's dedicated staff set up a lavish banquet in the heart of the safari complete with incredible dishes and maybe even a glass of champagne! Another great way to start the day is with an al fresco breakfast at the camp overlooking the animals drinking from the nearby waterholes!

Guided Walking Safari

Admittedly the thrill of catching a glimpse of the Big Five on a game drive is what draws so many to mottled plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania, but the guided nature walks that the camps offer are always a fun, educational and more relaxing alternative.

Set aside one of your mid-mornings or early afternoons for a guided nature walk and you'll discover so much more that Kenya has to offer. Not only will you get an even closer look at the Serengeti's incredible landscape, but you'll also get to see the smaller ecosystems that call this fabled destination home.

Rubondo Island

Nestled within the centre of the incredible Lake Victoria sits the world's largest National Park, Rubondo Island.

This absolutely enchanting destination boasts a near untouched sub-tropical forest populated with chimpanzees, monkeys, elephants, giraffes and so many more incredible animals. This beautiful destination is protected by the huge lake that surrounds it, and is definitely worth a visit when you're in Tanzania as it really feels like you're discovering a land unknown to the rest of the world.

Oldonyo Lengai Volcano

This one's for the thrill-seekers, if climbing mountains doesn’t quite cut it for, how about hiking up an active volcano in Tanzania?

Oldonyo Langai Volcano rises majestically out of the Great Rift Valley and beckons the daring for one of the most thrilling hikes of a lifetime. Known by the Maasai people as the Mountain of God, this climb is not easy feat and is definitely reserved for more seasoned hikers and physically fit, but the rewards you reap in the form of breathtaking views is unrivalled.

Sleep Out Under the Stars

We offer an incredible range of 5-star luxury camps that put you in the heart of the fabled Serengeti, but those looking for a truly unforgettable experience can enjoy a sleep-out with a bed quite literally under the stars in Tanzania.

Be lulled to sleep by the contented rumbling and low snores of the distant elephants, and pick out the constellations in the stars from the comfort of a luxurious outdoor tent or king-sized bed. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will delight romantics and the wild at heart.

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