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With a history-rich culture, diverse seascapes and tranquil pastures, it is hardly surprising that Bali is fast becoming one of the UK’s most popular destinations.

Bali is the jewel in Indonesia’s crown, the most popular Indonesian island for honeymooners, couples and families alike. Home to an exciting selection of resorts and villas that offer various treasures, from the picturesque golden sands of Seminyak, Nusa Dua and Uluwatu to the lush uplands of Ubud, you can enjoy a luxury honeymoon in Bali or an adventurous family holiday.

And who could resist the sheer wealth of experiences available? From superb water sports, including some of the best surfing the ocean has to offer, to cultural gems, such as the many Hindu temples and arts centres – there truly is something for everyone. We also recommend visiting the nearby Gili Islands and Lombok for a fully immersive holiday. 

Nusa Dua
Relax and unwind on the beautiful golden coast of Nusa Dua
Get ready for the holiday of a lifetime in the trendiest destination that Bali has to offer
Ubud sits in the lush and tranquil hills above the stunning Balinese coastlines
Uluwatu is perfect for its beaches and rich culture
The Samaya Seminyak
Indonesia, Indonesia
Just steps from the famous Seminyak beach, the award-winning Samaya Seminyak resort offers its guests an authentic Balinese escape with world class service, luxurious seclusion and privacy. With 52 beachside and courtyard villas spanning five distinct categories of luxury and
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The Samaya Ubud
Indonesia, Indonesia
Located within the beautiful Ayung Valley among the incredible Balinese rice fields and lush vegetation sits Samaya Ubud, an exclusive luxury retreat that promises guests staying at their intimate resort a magical escape to a tropical paradise in the heart
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COMO Shambhala Estate
Indonesia, Indonesia
Retreat to a haven of holistic healing like no other at COMO Shambhala Bali. Immerse yourself in stunning panoramas of jungles, rivers and sun-rich clearings while letting the resort’s dedicated staff take care of you. With holistic wellbeing at the
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Best Time to travel to

May, June and July are considered the best times to travel to Bali due to the consistently hot weather. While the rainy season falls within October through to April, travel during this time should not be disregarded, as it is often still sunny for a good portion of the day.



























Light Rain


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Get ready for a wildly unique honeymoon experience on the gorgeous island of Bali. Build an itinerary teeming with exploration and adventure, or spend your days snoozing in the sun on a dreamy luxury beach honeymoon. With an array of romantic excursions and exciting landmarks, there's something to make every honeymoon memorable.

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Pack your bags for the couples' getaway you've been craving. Feel the romance of the gorgeous secluded beaches and the lush landscapes run through your veins as you laze or explore to your heart's content. Build your dream itinerary, full of relaxing beach days or adventurous excursions – Bali has all a couple could need, and more.

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Jet away with the kids on the adventurous family holiday you've always dreamed of. Explore ruins and cultural landmarks, trek through lush and mysterious jungles, all the while satisfying their curious minds. Alternatively, you can indulge with a relaxing beach holiday and let them surf the beautiful Balinese waters. With such a wide range of itineraries, there's something to suit every taste.

Things to do in
Rice and Tea Terraces

Ubud is an absolutely breathtaking destination. Think emerald hillsides, cascading waterfalls, winding rivers, tiny villages and most notably; picture-perfect terraces.

A visit to Bali is incomplete without visiting one of Ubud's many legendary tea terraces or paddy fields that characterise this fabled destination. Watch as the tea pickers pluck the leaves from the layered terraces, and marvel as the colourfully-clothed local women pull the rice plants from the watery ground below. After capturing some incredible photos of this beautiful region, spend the rest of afternoon exploring the vast jungles and provincial villages of Ubud. 


Coveted for its shimmering sands and electric ambience, Seminyak is easily the most stylish and upscale beach area in Bali. 

Stay in Seminyak you’ll never be disappointed, this beautiful beach boasts gorgeous golden sands covered in brightly coloured beanbag chairs, and topaz waters perfect for surfing. Seminyak is also a great destination for shopping with plenty of boutiques and designer stores lining the promenade, as well as many restaurants to ensure foodies never go hungry. Those just looking to relax and soak up the sun can also do so peacefully away away from the main crowds.

Ubud Royal Palace

It’s easy to get lost in all of the beautiful palaces and temples that Bali has to offer, but if you’re looking for a truly unique experience, be sure to put Ubud Royal Palace near the top of your list.

After a blissful and serene walk through a path surrounded by lakes covered in delicately strewn lily pads, you’ll come across an absolutely breathtaking palace of grand and ornate design. The royal family still resides within the palace but most the grounds are open to visitors and the brightly coloured and heavily detailed halls are really worthy of the hype.

Yoga in Bali

It’s almost impossible to separate Bali from its wellbeing-focused culture, and yoga plays such a huge part of the spirituality that makes this destination so special.

Whether you’re a self-confessed yogi or you’ll be hitting the mat for the first time, a visit to Bali is simply incomplete without at least one yoga class, but you’ll definitely be hooked after that first venture. Ubud’s gorgeous leafy interiors and Uluwatu’s pristine coastlines provide the perfect backdrop for a sunrise yoga session or evening meditation under the stars, book a class to see why it’s better in Bali.

Uluwatu Beach Cave and Temple

Uluwatu’s dramatic coastline of rugged cliff faces and untouched beaches provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic hideaway, but Uluwatu is also home to two incredible must-see worthy sights.

Perched along the edge of a cliff soaring 70 meters above the endless topaz waters sits Uluwatu Temple, a picture-perfect Bali temple that is surprisingly home to a family of cheeky macaques. Head to the bottom of the cliff and you’ll find a network of astounding caves full of shallow waters and pristine sands that will make you feel as if you’ve just entered a film set.

Dolphin watching

Head to Lovina’s quieter more rustic shoreline for the rare chance to see dolphins swimming along the beautiful ocean waters of Bali.

The best time to go is at sunset, when the dolphins come to the surface and the sky has turned from blue into warm shades or pink and orange. Hop into one of the colourful wooden boats that lined the golden coastline and take to the waters to catch a glimpse of these incredible creatures. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a much quieter and more secluded beach, definitely consider visiting Lovina.

Nasi Goreng

You may have visited Bali’s incredible temples and practiced your sun salute overlooking the endless ocean, but a visit to Bali is not over until you’ve tried the food.

Bali is a foodie’s paradise, and there’s so many incredible dishes to try, but a true Balinese staple is Nasi Goreng. This comforting fried rice dish can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with chicken, prawns, beef, spring onions, anything! It always comes with a fried egg on top and it's always delicious, whether you enjoy it in a 5-star restaurant or a food stall in a night market.

Climb Lempuyang Temples Steps

Easily considered one of the most sacred temples in all of Bali, Lempuyang resides on the east of the island and although it's not for everyone, this slightly more physically demanding hike rewards you with the most incredible views.

Climb the 1,700 steps and you'll pass many tiny shrines, temples and curious monkeys as you make your way to the top. If you don’t have two hours available to make the hike, you'll still be able to enjoy absolutely breathtaking views of Mt. Agung from the first gate.

Shower under a waterfall

There are so many waterfalls to take your pick from in Bali, whether you want to view them from afar or shower under the tumbling waters; there's one out there for everyone.

Slide down Kroya waterfall's little rapids, swim in nearby pooling waters and jump off the top of the neighbouring waterfalls. If you're looking for the biggest and best in the area though, definitely check out Aling Aling's 35-metre cascading falls for an intense showering experience!

Swim within Pemuteran Temple Garden

Nestled within the coral gardens of Nusa Lembongan island sits an incredible underwater garden that looks like something you'd find on a movie set.

Just off the coastline of Bali sits the underwater 'complex' of Pemuteran Temple Garden, an incredible diving site full of corals, marine fishes and absolutely mesmerising statues of Buddha and many Hindu gods too. Snorkelling through this enchanting site is a must-do, whether you’re a beginner or a pro diver.

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