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Steeped in mystery and Buddhist tradition, Bhutan is Asia's real life Shangri-La, a kingdom of dramatic Himalayan landscapes, mystical dzongs, and unique wildlife.  

A holiday to Bhutan is akin to visiting another world, the country's strong focus on sustainable, low-volume tourism meaning your experience will be authentic and immersive. Characterised by its forested mountain peaks, vivid prayer flags and traditional fortresses, Bhutan is a haven for culture seekers and nature lovers. We particularly recommend visiting Paro, Thimphu and Punakha on your first visit. 

Our Top Bhutan Experiences   

  • Trek to the sacred 'Tiger's Nest' with a private guide. 
  • Experience one of the country's many brightly-coloured festivals.
  • Spot snow leopards in the wild. 
  • Try Ema Datshi - Bhutan's national dish - at a local restaurant.

 Best Time to Visit  

The best time to visit Bhutan is between the cooler months of October and December when the skies are clear and blue, ideal for mountain trekking. Visit between the Spring months of March and May to witness the spectacular bloom of flowers on the mountain valleys. 

COMO Uma Paro
Paro, Bhutan
COMO Uma Paro, Bhutan is an exclusive five-star luxury resort located in the incredible Paro Valley in Bhutan, and spanning 38 acres. There are a total of just 29 rooms, suites and villas, and each combines contemporary and traditional Bhutanese
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Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary
Asia, Bhutan
The Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary is an all-immersive wellness retreat focused on healing the body, mind and spirit. Located within the beautiful Neyphu Valley, this is the perfect place to get away from the everyday pressures of the modern world and
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Taj Tashi Bhutan
Asia, Bhutan
The Taj Tashi Bhutan is located in the heart of Thimphu and the Thimphu Valley, and is a great place to experience Bhutan’s rich culture and beautiful natural landscapes. With a combination of Dzong architecture and modern design, this luxury
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A honeymoon in Bhutan is out of this world. A country known for measuring the happiness of its people, Bhutan is a land of peace and serenity, protected by the picturesque Himalayan mountains. You can explore breathtaking natural trails with paradisaical waterfalls on your honeymoon, as well as visiting sacred sites and opulent palaces. Famous for its unbeatable mountain views, we'll make sure you find the most luxurious resort on you unforgettable Bhutan honeymoon.  

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Whether you're looking for an itinerary brimming with unique excursions or a relaxed retreat in the mountains, Bhutan's diverse landscape and rich culture makes for an unforgettable couples adventure. You can trek through sublime valleys and hike to remote sacred temples for an all-immersive experience amongst Bhutan's natural and cultural wonders. With a variety of luxury hotels, we're sure that you'll find the perfect place to stay on this far-flung adventure.

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The whole family will feel inspired on a holiday to Bhutan. With plenty to do and see, Bhutan is the perfect destination to experience the distinctive Himalayan Buddhist culture and flawless scenery. Spend your days marvelling at traditional monasteries and dzongs, feast your eyes on local wildlife and buy authentic Bhutanese crafts. With family-friendly hotels suited to all travellers, we guarantee that you'll enjoy both a relaxing and exhilarating holiday to Bhutan. 

Things to do in
Trek to the Tigers Nest

Paro Taktsang, commonly known as the Tiger's Nest and considered to be the cultural icon of Bhutan, is a sacred Buddhist monastery nestled on a cliff side in the Paro Valley. 

Accessed through beautiful trails, the Tiger's Nest is a collection of ethereal buildings built in the 1600s. With an expert guide, you can hike up to the Paro Taktsang and be met with stunning views across the valley as you climb further and further uphill. You'll cross a bridge of brightly-coloured prayer flags before hiking your final stretch to the monastery; once there, you'll have a guided tour of the monastery and learn about the history of this incredible structure - this really is a must-see on your first visit to Bhutan!

Royal Manas National Park

The Royal Manas National Park, located in the south of Bhutan, is classed as one of the world’s most biologically outstanding parks. 

Rich in astounding wildlife, Bhutan's oldest national park is the home to many endangered species, such as the Royal Bengal tiger, the Asian elephant, the Himalayan black bear and the rare golden langur. Once in the park, there is plenty for you to see and do; hike through eco-trails and enjoy the diverse tropical and subtropical flora; go wildlife watching and try to glimpse the elusive animals in the national park; book a boat ride on the Manas river and glide through the lush foliage - you may even be lucky enough to see a pod Gangetic river Dolphins!

Paro Tshechu Festival

The best way to immerse yourself in Bhutan's rich culture and history is by attending the Paro Tscechu Festival, held yearly since the 17th century on the 10th day of the 2nd Bhutanese lunar month.

One of the biggest religious dance festivals in Bhutan, this vivid display of masks and costumes is truly mesmerising and definitely worth seeing on your holiday to Bhutan. You can watch a variety of thousand-year-old religious rituals and dances that perform good triumphing over evil with an eerie musical accompaniment of cymbals and flutes. Whilst admiring the silk brocade costumes of the monks, make sure to try the unique butter tea with its distinctive salty taste or the potent barley spirit that is popular in the Himalayan region. 

Haa Valley

The Haa Valley, west of Thimphu, is a breathtaking paradise carved out between the mountains. With the glistening Haa Chhu river weaving its way through the valley, this is an incredible place to explore.  

Great for hiking trips, the Haa Valley has many Buddhist temples that are accessible by foot for different walking abilities. As you walk further into the valley, you'll be able to experience rural Bhutan with its verdant paddy fields and traditional wooden houses adorned with large phalluses - a protective symbol! The valley is best experienced walking alongside the river; there is nothing more rejuvenating for your mind than to hear the water trickle as you inhale the crisp mountain air. 

Punakha Dzong

A visit to Bhutan is not complete until you have visited a fortress, locally known as a dzong, and marvelled at the distinctive architecture only to be found in the Himalayan region. 

There is no finer dzong in Bhutan than the Punakha Dzong. Tranquilly set alongside the Mo Chhu River and surrounded by green hills and lilac jacaranda trees that bloom in the spring, the fortress looks simply heavenly; it is no surprise that is often termed as Bhutan's most beautiful dzong. Used as the seat of government until the 1950s and having crowned all of Bhutan's kings, the Punakha Dzong remains a prestigious site of cultural importance in the country. With an amazing assembly hall that charts Buddha's life in paintings and carefully-maintained temples, the Punakha Dzong is a great place to learn about Bhutan's history and the religious influences within the country. 


Modernity is slowly seeping into Thimphu, but Bhutan's capital city still retains its authentic Buddhist charm. 

Located in a beautiful valley, Thimphu is a great place to explore Bhutan's unique history and architecture whilst indulging in modern restaurants and nightclubs. To experience Thimphu's local culture, Thimpu's Weekend Market is definitely worth a visit. On the banks of the Wang Chu River, you can try local produce such as wild honey or purchase handcrafted souvenirs as a keepsake for your Bhutan holiday. Make sure to visit the Tashichho Dzong on the edge of the city - you'll be blown away by the ornate three-tiered golden roofs! 

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