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Famed for its distinctive culture, contrasting landscapes and metropolis’ that converge age-old traditions with innovative futurism, Japan is a destination like no other.  

Each corner of this Far East Asian country is overflowing with captivating experiences, from retreats to luxury ryokans in tranquil hot spring towns and skiing in the Japanese Alps, to subtropical beach getaways in Okinawa and five-star stays in hotels amidst the neon alleys of Tokyo. Our Asia specialists are on hand to tailor-make your luxury Japan holiday, whether you're after a culturally immersive honeymoon or an all-encompassing family trip.  

Tour Japan’s cities via the shinkansen train, from the brightly lit streets of Tokyo, that place ancient shrines alongside gleaming skyscrapers, all huddled beneath the majesty of Mount Fuji to the exciting nightlife scenes of Osaka, known as the nation’s kitchen with its culinary delights of various cuisines. Visit ancient temples flanked by tranquil gardens and attend tea ceremonies hosted by geishas in Kyoto, the historic cradle of Japan.  

Travelling North will uncover the rural charms and immaculate natural beauty of Japan; in the Tohoku region, you can spend a few days in the secluded hot spring town of Ginzan Onsen in the Yamagata Prefecture, venture off the beaten path in Iwate, visit the iconic Jodogahama beach, set afront towering rock formations against rugged cliffs, and kayak amidst untamed forests in the Genbikei Gorge. One for the adventurers, Hokkaido is bursting with natural beauty, from the powder-soft slopes of Niseko and the wildlife-rich Shiretoko National Park to the surreal steaming landscapes of Hell Valley and the dramatic verdant cliffs and crystalline waters of the Shakotan Peninsula. 

Our Top Japan Experiences

  • Relax to the sounds of rustling bamboo on an immersive walk through the towering boughs of Arashiyama Forest in Kyoto. 
  • Encounter the friendly deers of Nara on a UNESCO World Heritage Site tour.  
  • Kayak amidst hundreds of blooming cherry blossom trees on the Meguro River in Tokyo. 
  • Discover crumbling ruins and lounge upon immaculate white beaches afront verdant mountains in Okinawa. 

Best Time to Visit  

The best time to visit Japan is between March and May and September and November when the weather is at its mildest and the scenery is at its most beautiful. 

Japan, Japan
Refined, exclusive and authentic; the Amanemu in Japan is a truly special luxury escape unlike any other. Wake up to sweeping views of Ago Bay, relax in style and comfort within a ryokan-inspired suite and let your cares melt away
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Hoshinoya Fuji
Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Japan
Tucked within the leafy hills of Yamanashi, with sublime unrivalled views of Mount Fuji just across Lake Kawaguchi sits Hoshinoya Fuji. This unique, elegant and modern resort draws inspiration from glamping and offers it’s guests a chance to connect with
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Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto
Kyoto, Japan
The Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto is located in the heart Kyoto’s ancient city, which is home to over 1000 beautiful ancient temples and shrines. This destination is a must-visit for those hoping to discover Japan’s traditional past, and the Four
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Best Time to travel to

The best time to visit Japan is between March and May and September and November when the weather is at its mildest and the scenery is at its most beautiful.




























Things to do in
Cherry Blossom Viewing

With a fleeting blooming period of just two weeks in March or April, catching a good view of the cherry blossoms (or ‘Sakura’ in Japanese) can be a bit a difficult to plan but certainly not impossible when you know where to go. Meguro River is cleverly lined with beautiful sakura trees that drift along the river waters when they’ve fallen, while Ueno Park and Yoyogi Park in Tokyo are both home to many sakura trees. Why not do as the Japanese do and bring some food and drink for a picnic under the blossoms; an experience known as ‘Hanami’.

Meiji Shrine

This incredible and important shrine sits in one of Tokyo’s surprisingly quiet parks just a stones throw from the bustling shopping Mecca of Harajuku.

If you only have the chance to visit one shrine while you’re in Tokyo, make it Meiji-jingu. The walk up to the shrine itself takes you through a beautiful park that looks it’s best during Spring and Autumn, and ends at the foot of the shrine. The shrine itself is all constructed from wood and offers travellers the chance to leave a prayer tablet and pick up good luck tokens and fortunes for the year ahead.


Arashiyama is a beautiful neighbourhood within the ancient capital city of Kyoto, which is home to an abundance of enchanting shrines, the famous Bamboo Forest and so much more.

Discover some of the country’s most incredible ancient shrines, UNESCO World Heritage Site’s full of natural beauty, and even a mountain that’s home to a few families of wild monkeys! If all of that isn’t enough, Arashiyama is also home to the world-famous Bamboo Forest and a wealth of beautiful luxury hotels and ryokans. Spend a day discovering the sights, and then wander beyond the beaten path and you’ll start seeing Japan’s authentic traditional houses, streets and parks that have evaded the tourist eye.

Fushimi Inari

This absolutely incredible tunnel is made up of 10 000 vermillion tore gates, with some dating back to 711 A.D.! The pilgrimage through the gates takes a few hours, but it’s worth every second as you’ll discover every gate was donated by a different person and company, and at the top of the mountain sits a shrine populated with tiny torii gate tokens. Be sure to visit either during the early morning or near the end of the day to avoid the crowds and get a good shot of the tunnel without any visitors.


In the incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site-filled city of Nara sits an abundance of beautiful temples, historic museums and a few furry friends who politely bow every time you offer them a snack!

Just an hour or so away from Kyoto sits the capital city of Nara prefecture; Nara. This beautiful and idyllic city is home to huge UNESCO park that’s worth visiting for it’s incredible shrines, and one of Japan’s largest Buddha statues. The park is also home to many smaller, quieter shrines and temples, but the main event is the dozens of deers that come down to the town from the hills in search of friendly locals and travellers who will happily feed them! The deer’s have learned from the bowing etiquette of Japanese culture to bow before the person holding the food, which leads to some very beautiful photos and a truly unforgettable experience!


This remarkable city came into the world’s spotlight at the end of World War Two after the first atomic bomb that the world has ever seen was dropped into the city, causing a rippling wave of destruction that has taken decades to recover from.

The Hiroshima that exists today is a beautiful, flourishing city of peace and gratitude, that’s dedicated to educating their youth and travellers about their past and how they’re looking forward to a brighter and more connected future. The city itself is home to an incredible collection of cities, parks, a spectacular castle, many tranquil shrines and the A-bomb museum. Definitely stop by Okonomi-mura’s 4-floor establishment to try world-famous Hiroshima Okonomiyaki (a savoury-pancake type of dish!).

Itsukushima (Miyajima)

Discover Japan’s breathtakingly beautiful floating tori gate, on the gorgeous and idyllic island of Itsukushima.

Just a quick 15 minute ferry ride from Hiroshima sits a beautiful island that feels a world-away from the high-rises and wide-open boulevards of Hiroshima’s city. Itsukushima is home to tranquil parks, a picturesque market street and a wealth of beautiful shrines and temples including the world-famous floating torii; a huge bright vermillion gate that stands in the shallow waters 200 metres offshore since 1186! Wait for the tide to come in at sunset for the best shot of the gate seemingly floating on the waters.

Tokyo Skytree

Save this experience for your final night in Tokyo, and you’ll wish you had more time to spare in this incredible city.

The Tokyo Skytree is the 2nd tallest structure in the world (just behind Dubai’s Burj Khalifa), with an impressive height of 634 metres! You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world as you take in the incredible sights of Tokyo and beyond if you visit during the day, but we recommend visiting after sundown so you can take in the millions of dazzling lights from the city’s buildings and skyscrapers against the blue night sky; it’s truly remarkable to witness.

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Best Time To Travel:

March-May, September-November

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11hr 30m

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China, Thailand, Bora Bora

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