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The largest coral reef in the world, a legendary opera house known for it’s unforgettable architecture, world-famous beaches that glisten in the sunlight and an endless landscape of outstanding outback beauty.

Journey to other side of the world and you’ll be rewarded with the warmest welcome and a country so diverse you’d think it were more than one. Most of the population of Australia live by the coast, and the laid-back lifestyle that follows this idyllic notion is both warm and infectious.

Honeymooners who venture to this remarkable island continent will be blown away by the unique experiences and opportunities that Australia brings to the table. Whether you dream of staying in a sophisticated 5-star hotel with sweeping views of the Sydney Opera House, indulging in pure luxury along Bondi Beach or sleeping under the milky way next to Ayers Rock at an all-inclusive luxury camp; no wish is too big in Australia. If it’s a couples adventure or a family holiday that you’ve got in mind, there’s plenty to fill your days including diving excursions into the vastness of the legendary Great Barrier Reef, hiking trips through the beautiful Blue Mountain National Park and visits to the coastline's drastically diverse cities.

Adina Apartment Hotel Bondi Beach Sydney
Australia, Australia
Nestled within the heart of Sydney’s incredible culinary landscape, tucked between some of the city’s trendiest cafes, bars and restaurants sits Adina Apartment Hotel Bondi Beach, a luxurious hotel that offer’s guests a relaxing and comfortable sanctuary to return to
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PARKROYAL Darling Harbour
Sydney, Australia
Situated in the heart of Sydney’s beautiful harbour, nestled between the bright lights of downtown and the iconic cultural hub of restaurants and yachts that reside along the waterfront, sits Park Royal Darling Harbour Sydney, a luxury hotel that promises
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Australia experiences two varying climates. The north tends to be dry and experiences moderate temperatures between April and September, and is humid and wet from October to March. The southern region, sees hot weather between December and February. March to May is also a popular time to travel as temperatures are more comfortable.




























Things to do in
Sydney Opera House

It goes without saying that a trip to Australia is simply incomplete without visiting the world famous Sydney Opera House.

This iconic venue and architectural masterpiece opened it’s doors in 1973, and has since then dazzled the world with it’s unique beauty, so much so that’s even been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After snapping a selfie and exploring inside this incredible building, be sure to have a walk around the harbour and the botanical gardens nearby, and then come back in the evening for a show!

Great Barrier Reef

There’s some discussion over the health of this fabled coral garden, but many areas of Australia's vast Great Barrier Reef still hold their vibrant kaleidoscopic beauty and abundant marine life.

Renowned for being the world’s largest coral reef, the Great Barrier Reef is home to over 3,000 coral cays and reef systems, as well as hundreds of beautiful tropical islands with golden sandy beaches. Beginners and pro scuba divers are all welcome to experience this Wonder of the Natural World, and everyone who takes the plunge into these legendary waters is guaranteed to be amazed and left in awe.

The Outback and Ayers Rock

Uluru (or Ayers Rock as we know it) astounds every traveller who visits it’s majestic red sand monolith, and this UNESCO World Heritage Site should be on everyone’s must-see list when visiting Australia.

Soaring 348 metres high with a total circumference of 9.4 kilometres, its easy to understand why those who visit the mottled landscape of the Outback are so blown away by it’s magnificence. The Outback is also home to many natural springs, ancient paintings, caves and waterholes, leaving plenty to do and see after you’ve ticked off this mammoth bucket-list experience

Bike Barossa and Wine Tasting

If you love your wine, then you’ll know that Australia has an incredible reputation for producing some of the finest in the world, and there’s plenty of vineyards and wine tasting sessions to enjoy while you’re in the land down under.

We recommend not only includes sampling the wines on offer, but also biking the fabled vineyards of Barossa. The valley’s climate and terrain are what makes the area so well suited to wine-making, and there are various cycling trails that you can take to enjoy the best of this landscape, and don’t worry they’ll be plenty of wine to try at the end!

Local dishes: Australian Steak

So many countries are famous for their steak; the thick, meaty cuts commonly associated with Texas and the marbled slices of Japan often spring to mind, but another one to add your hit list is definitely Australian.

Not only has Australian steak been rated as some of the best in the world, but Jacks Creek Wagyu was actually voted number one! Whether you prefer to chuck a slice on an outdoor barbecue near the beach, or plan to head to a 5-star restaurant to taste the best of the best, you’ll find great steak all over Australia, and it’s absolutely delicious.

Swim with Dolphins

Perhaps swimming with sharks may be a little too thrilling for you, no need to worry though, there's plenty of opportunities in Australia to swim with friendly (and much less intimidating) dolphins! 

Just a short cruise from Rockingham sits a gorgeous bay populated with plenty of dolphins who frequent these coastal waters. Zip up your swimsuit and dive in to spend an afternoon playing with these gorgeous creatures, and don't worry, you won't need any snorkelling experience either, you just need to be relaxed and friendly to the animals.

Waterfall at Nightcap National Park

Beautiful waterfalls are not just reserved for the exotic islands of Asia or the vast national parks of the USA, Australia also boasts an incredible waterfall to rival even the Seychelles most romantic tumbling waters.

Nestled within Nightcap National Park's 8,000-hectare landscape of lush forests sits a mammoth 104-metre tall waterfall that's sure to leave you in awe. Although you can't stand directly under it (and you wouldn't want to considering how hard the water will be tumbling from such a height) you'll still be showered in water as it bounces off the surface from the 50-metre long viewing platform.

Darling Harbour

Just adjacent to Sydney's bustling city centre sits one of the most best marinas in the world, Australia's Darling Harbour.

You could easily spend a day wandering Darling Harbour and you'll wonder where all your time went! Shop until you drop at the many upscale stores and boutiques, jet off on one of the many day cruises that set sail from the harbour and even visit their Chinese Garden of Friendship. Those who can't get enough of the action can even stay at one of the many hotels either in or near the complex.

Sky Dive

Thrill-seekers hoping to tick off the elusive and unrivalled experience of sky diving can do so right here in Australia.

Head to the Gold Coast and you'll get the chance to tandem skydive (which see's you strapped to an instructor) out of an airplane from 4,000 metres high! Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like jumping out of an airplane, feeling that unbeatable rush and seeing the world from an entirely new perspective. Definitely not for everyone, but those who chase the thrill will not want to miss this!

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