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Few destinations compare to the enthralling atmosphere of Jamaica, with its fascinating history, sublime natural beauty, and colourful culture.  

With lagoon pools in stunning shades of emerald, dramatic coastlines carved from craggy rocks, glistening golden beaches, and a laid-back back rhythm that pulsates from the hidden coves to the tallest mountains, Jamaica offers travellers a plethora of adventures for an unforgettable Caribbean holiday. Its diverse landscapes, world-class resorts, and inviting culture makes it the perfect destination for a range of travellers, whether they're going for a romantic honeymoon, an exciting family trip, or a fun getaway with friends. Our Caribbean specialists are on hand to personally plan every aspect of your trip; from private pools and all-inclusive resorts to gorgeous golf courses and waterparks, no detail is too small in our luxury Jamaica holidays. 

Soak up the electrifying spirit of Jamaica across its many beaches, Negril, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios amongst the best for their sprawling shorelines dotted with high-end resorts, waterfront dining venues and exceptional diving and snorkelling sites, notably Montego Bay Marine Park and Ocho Rios Marine Park. Its inland terrain is a bountiful paradise; travellers can experience swimming in topaz natural pools formed by cascading waterfalls, exploring luscious rainforests on a zipline ride, as well as hiking the scenic Blue Mountains and river rafting along the Rio Grande.  

Embrace the spirit of Jamaican culture in its enchanting cities; visit the museums and colonial sites of Kingston, a historical melting pot; take a culinary tour of Boston Bay, the birthplace of Jerk cuisine; and explore Port Antonio, known for its vibrant streets enlivened by Reggae melodies, lush forest landscapes, and breathtaking seaside vistas.

Our Top Jamaica Experiences

  • Drift beneath the verdant canopies of Ocho Rios’ White River before cooling off with a swim in the famous Blue Hole natural pool. 
  • Indulge in regional cuisine and surf the island’s best waves in Boston Bay.  
  • Embark on a tour across Jamaica’s Blue Mountains coffee plantations and taste some of the finest coffee in the region. 
  • Discover thriving coral reefs and an array of marine life on a day trip to the secluded Booby Cay Island. 

Best Time to Visit

Jamaica has a tropical climate all year, with temperatures ranging from 31 to 22 degrees Celsius; however, the best time to visit is between November and April, when the weather is at its mildest and hurricane season has ended. 

Jamaica Inn
The Caribbean, Jamaica
Jamaica Inn is an exclusive, luxury retreat in the Ocho Rios area of Jamaica, perfectly located on a private stretch of beach. Offering warm and familial luxury in a timelessly elegant setting, both families and couples are sure to fall
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Round Hill Hotel & Villas
The Caribbean, Jamaica
Residing within a 110-acre private enclave on Montego Bay, Round Hill Hotel & Villas is an oceanside hideaway nestled on one of the island's emerald hillsides. Boasting sophisticated and modern accommodation inspired by classic Jamaican-style, Round Hill offers guests a
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Half Moon
The Caribbean, Jamaica
Nestled along a quiet and secluded crescent-shaped bay that gives the hotel its name, Half Moon is a glamorous and exclusive luxury resort spread amongst three distinct sections: Eclipse, Founders Cove, and Rose Hall Villas. With a design that exhibits
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Best Time to travel to

The peak season for Jamaica is from December through to March, and for the good reason as the weather is consistently warm, sunny and the island experiences little rainfall. The island falls within the hurricane belt and experiences heavy rainfall between June and November.




























Things to do in
Dunn’s River Falls

This world-famous waterfall is located near Ocho Rios, and is easily one of the biggest attractions in Jamaica, drawing thousands of visitors every year.

This remarkable waterfall stands 55 metres tall and 180 metres wide, and the tumbling waters are terraced which creates giant stairs which create many mini lagoons, which empties into the Caribbean Sea at the end of a white sand beach. Travellers are welcome to climb the waterfall, and those who don’t fancy getting wet or are unable to the climb the terraces can take a stairway alongside the falls.

YS Falls

Another waterfall but completely different from the last, YS Falls is a must-visit for every traveller who loves discovering the naturally beautiful parts of this beautiful island.

Located in the southern region of Jamaica, this gorgeous waterfall is surrounded by beautiful trees and lush tropical gardens, and some have said it’s the most beautiful destination in the country. The waterfall is made up of seven different tiers, and the waters cascade into many natural pools that travellers are welcome to enjoy, just be aware that the water is refreshingly cool!

Bob Marley Museum

Is a visit to Jamaica complete without even a nod to one of the world’s most influential musicians? We don’t think so, the Bob Marley Museum should be on every traveller list when planning the perfect trip to Jamaica.

Nestled within Kingston, this museum is situated within Bob Marley’s former place of residence and showcases the life of this incredible figure of Jamaican history. Learn about how his music, the life that he led and how he became the first worldwide superstar to emerge from a developing country. Fun fact; this was also the site of a failed assassination attempt on him, as well.

Blue Mountain Peak

Blue Mountain Peak is the highest mountain in the whole of Jamaica, and is one of the tallest peaks in the Caribbean.

This Blue Mountains are a must-visit for hiking enthusiasts as the views from the top are absolutely incredible, with Cuba visible in the distance during the early morning. The climb takes between 3-4 hours, with 3000 foot-high elevation across 7 miles. The Blue Mountains are also home to the world-famous Blue Mountain Coffee brand and their world-famous planation tours.

Green Grotto Caves

The Green Grotto Caves are one of the most popular attractions on the island, named after the mesmerising green algae that covers the walls of the cave itself.

The cave’s structure is very different from any other on the island, containing old chambers that lead onto freshwater and sea water, with two distinct levels. The innermost cavern contains a crystal-clear underground lake which is a must-visit for anyone travelling to Jamaica.

Jamaican Food

Discover a melting pot cuisine that will love you craving more with every bite! You may think you’ve already tried Jamaican food but you’ll soon realise it pales in comparison to real thing.

With flavours and spices evolving from Creole cuisine and other areas of the world, Jamaica has taken these fundamentals of cooking and have added a Caribbean twist to them unlike any other island in the archipelago. We really recommend the jerk chicken and the many different type of stew that island has to offer, both are great introductions for those new to Caribbean cuisine.

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