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If your dream honeymoon revolves around beautiful sunshine, serene turquoise waters and an endless stretch of powdery sands; you’ll love the beautiful beaches that these honeymoon destinations have to offer. 

Couples looking for an unforgettable honeymoon on the beach will love Thailand’s shimmering golden coastlines, while couples also seeking soaring views of the mountains surrounding pristine crescent coves will adore the Seychelles. An excellent choice for powdery sands, warm waters and scuba diving is a Mauritius honeymoon, which promises idyllic shores fringed by corals, shipwreck and other exciting diving sites. 

If you and your partner can’t shake the image of gorgeous overwater villas from your minds, then the honeymoon destinations that you’ll adore are Bora Bora’s tropical-fringed beaches, and the Maldives’s pristine white sands and bright turquoise lagoons. Alternatively, jet off in the opposite direction for a Caribbean honeymoon and you’ll discover that Barbados is home to beautiful endless stretches of beachfront, while St Lucia is also home to secluded hideaways that overlook gorgeous coastlines as well.

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