Following Netflix's Street Food: A Culinary Journey Through Asia
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Following Netflix's Street Food: A Culinary Journey Through Asia

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Netflix's Street Food docu-series took us on a culinary journey through Asia, searching for the best mouthwatering dishes that oozed delicious flavour; I yearned to reach into my screen and taste everything! If, like me, you're now itching to pack your bags, then get ready to immerse yourself in the rich food cultures of Asia!
BY Emma Hookway
Luxtripper Travel Editor

I simply adored Netflix's Street Food and I can't wait to try some of these mouthwatering dishes on my trip to Asia! 

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a city that is truly alive. With crisscrossing tuks tuks, ornate palaces and majestic temples, it's clear why this is one of South East Asia's top cultural cities. Yet, interwoven between the hustle and bustle of Bangkok's mesmerising street markets is the true wonder of this dazzling capital city: the delicious Thai food.

Tucked away in a street-side restaurant is Raan Jay Fai, whose wok-based crab omelettes are world-famous; the omelette's crispy surface and fluffy interior is simply delightful. Other dishes you need to try include the quintessential Pad Thai, north Thailand's famous Khao Soi curry noodles, and if like me, you have a spicy palate, then the Spicy Thai Noodle Soup with Prawns is a must.

If you can bear to drag yourself away from Bangkok's sizzling street food, then visit the ornate Wat Arun temple, a must-see on your Thailand holiday. On the west bank of the Chao Phraya River, visitors can climb the first section of the temple and savour incredible views across the city! Whilst in Bangkok, you should stay at the Antantara Bangkok Riverside, a peaceful oasis in the middle of the city, ideal for a romantic honeymoon! If you want to explore more of Thailand, you can head north to the temples of Chiang Mai, or down south for island hopping in Krabi!

Osaka, Japan

It's a well-known fact that when you go to Japan, you go to Osaka for the food. Unofficially known as the the country's 'food capital', Osaka is brimming with markets offering fresh produce and street food bursting with tantalising flavours!

Seafood is a big part of Japan's culinary culture, which is something that Netflix's Street Food highlights. I was completely baffled in the programme to see chef Toyo blowtorch, I repeat blowtorch, his tuna! Don't forget to try Tokyo's Michelin-standard sushi, Kyoto's soy ramen, and I know for certain that when I head to Osaka on my Japan holiday, I will definitely try Mr Kita's takoyaki!

Aside from the food, you should make the most of being in Osaka and explore some of the best sights in this sprawling city. From the central base of the InterContinental Hotel Osaka hotel, you can immerse yourself in the rich history of Japan, visiting the majestic Osaka Castle or the serene Shitennoji temple, dating back to 593 AD. Alternatively, head to Dotonbori, Osaka's lively entertainment district, and sip a glass of Sake next to the canal! Whilst on your Japan holiday, you must also travel to the futuristic Tokyo, and the traditional city of Kyoto. 

New Delhi, India

There's a reason that Indian food has made it's way to every corner of the globe. With dishes exuding tantalising aromas of hot, pungent spices around every street corner, who could resist? There's no better place to dive into India's mouthwatering cuisine than New Delhi, India's tumultuous capital city. 

It's commonly said that you haven't tasted real Indian food until you've been to India itself, and after watching Netflix's Street Food, I knew that this must be true. My eyes were glued to the screen as I watched Dalchand Kashyap prepare his signature chaat; the combination of fruity, tangy chutney, sour yoghurt, and spiced potatoes is everything I dream of in Indian food - I can't wait to pack my bags and go on an India holiday for the ultimate foodie adventure! 

New Delhi not only has excellent food, but is also steeped in history. From the luxury of The Imperial (a hotel worthy of a romantic honeymoon in India!), you can visit the historic Red Fort and Humayun's Tomb, relics from the era of the Mughal dynasty. After exploring the bustling streets of New Delhi, there's no better place to relax than the Maldives, a collection of secluded tropical atolls scattered in the northern Indian Ocean! 

Bali, Indonesia

The food in Bali is as delicious as the island is beautiful. With a focus on the natural produce native to the region, the Balinese cuisine is unique and full of flavour, derived from regional Indonesian dishes and indigenous traditions.

Netflix's Street Food features the city of Yogyakarta on the Indonesian island of Java, and the food there certainly looks exquisite; I couldn't believe that the glutinous jajan pasar is so scrumptious that for a chance of tasting it, you need to be at the stall before 9 o' clock! On your first time to Indonesia, however, Bali is definitely the place I would recommend to go; you'll be able to try incredible dishes that'll make your Bali holiday unforgettable.

Once you've eaten to your heart's content, you should immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty of Bali! Whilst staying in the tranquil Alassari Plantation hotel, ideal for a honeymoon in Bali, you can enjoy a wellness-focused escape in which you visit enchanting waterfalls, mystical temples and lush rainforests. For the best of both worlds, a holiday to Bali is great twinned with a trip to Singapore, where you can enjoy the glitzy fast-paced life of the city.  

Chiayi, Taiwan

Somewhat off the beaten track, Taiwan is Asia's hidden culinary treasure. With vivacious street markets exuding tantalising aromas, all travellers to Taiwan will marvel at the wondrous culinary delights available, from the country's sweet pineapple cakes to its succulent braised pork dishes. 

When watching Netflix's Street Food, it became clear to me how varied the culinary culture of Chiayi is, a small city in southwestern Taiwan. Having a bit of a sweet tooth, I was salivating at Tsui-Eh's douhua; known as the 'dessert of Taiwan', this tofu pudding is filled with mouthwatering sweet and tangy spices! 

After visiting Chiayi for the incredible street food, you should head north to Taichung City to explore some of Taiwan's spectacular mountainous scenery. From the luxury of The Millennium Hotel Taichung, you can take a day trip to Basianshan National Forest and wander through an enchanting bamboo forest; it's really romantic for a Taiwan honeymoon. Once you've explored Taiwan, head to the tropical island paradise of Boracay and enjoy the beautiful beaches in the Philippines. 

Seoul, South Korea

Looking for food that will make your mouth water? South Korea is the destination that you've been searching for. South Korea's cuisine is full of traditional dishes bursting with flavour that have been perfected over the millennia; enjoy everything from kimchi to Korean BBQ, and everything in between!

There were plenty of dishes that I was dying to try when watching the Netflix's Street Food; Cho Yonsoon's Korean knife cut noodles, a traditional Korean dish, looked scrumptious, as did Gunsook Jung's traditional soy-marinated crab. If you're a foodie, there's definitely lots to try on a holiday to South Korea!

Like Tokyo, Seoul is both a modern and ancient city. From the swanky Novotel Ambassador Seoul Yongsan hotel, you can head to the modern and eclectic Myeong-dong shopping district, or, if you want to learn about South Korea's rich cultural heritage, you can visit the Bukchon Hanok Village, a traditional village within the city with spectacular mountain views. For a fully-immersive experience in East Asiaonce you've visited South Korea, you should head east to Japan.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

A holiday through Vietnam is not only a cultural journey but a culinary one too! With distinct differences between the north and the south, it won't take you long to see how these cultural variations are reflected in the country's delicious food. 

The cuisine of Ho Chi Minh City, previously known as Saigon, features a unique fusion of French and Vietnamese dishes. In Netflix's Street Food, I was surprised to learn that snails are commonly consumed in Vietnam, though these are a different type of snail to what's eaten in France, but they look equally delicious. Other incredible foods that you can't leave without trying include Pho noodle soup and Bahn Mi - a baguette filled with pork!

Once you've eaten as much as you can in Ho Chi Minh's street markets, there is plenty in the city for you to explore. With a stay at the central InterContinental Saigon hotel, you can learn about the Vietnam War at the fascinating Chi Chi Tunnels, or head to the tropical Mekong delta for an immersive river cruise. With so much more to see in Vietnam, you should definitely make sure to travel to the coastal city of Danang for a beach break on your Vietnam holiday! 


Despite being a small city-state, Singapore has developed an incredible cuisine that is considered to be one of the best in South East Asia. Below the glitzy skyline that is iconic of Singapore lies aromatic street markets that exude mouthwatering scents, luring in all passers-by! 

Netflix's Street Food focuses on the many dishes in Singapore that are characteristic of this small nation. When I visited Singapore, I was fortunate enough to try KEK's famous chilli crab, and it really was as divine as the programme says! The slightly sweet taste ensures that the heat of the chilli isn't too overpowering, making it the perfect Singaporean dish!  

An energetic city, there is so much to see in Singapore. A prominent feature of the city's skyline is the Marina Bay Sands, and staying there is an experience in itself! From the towering roof-deck, the incredible views across the city from the iconic infinity pool ooze stylish romance, and are popular with couples on a honeymoon to Singapore! After a few days spent exploring Singapore, the Philippines is a great place to head to for an island hopping adventure!

Cebu City, Philippines

Do you dream of feasting in the tropics? If so, look no further than the Philippines! With dishes crafted using freshly-caught seafood and locally grown tropical fruit, your taste buds will come to life as they taste the exotic flavours of this paradisaical island nation!   

With over 7,000 islands, it should come as no surprise that a key focus of the Philippines' culinary culture is seafood. Netflix's Street Food takes us to Cebu City, where we meet Entoy, who uses reef eel to make a soured stew. Not only praised as being the best in Cebu, this reef eel stew highlights how the local marine life is incorporated into many street food dishes in the Philippines!

Cebu Island is simply beautiful; with paradisaical beaches and a lush interior, Cebu is great for immersing yourself in nature. From the seclusion of the connecting Mactan Island, you can stay at the tropical oasis of Shangri-La's Mactan Resort and Spa before heading off for a thrilling adventure on Cebu; I can't wait to canyoneer to the mesmerising Kawasan Falls and try bamboo rafting! The Philippines is a great destination to twin with Singapore, as you can enjoy both urban luxury and beach paradise! 

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