Top Festivals From All Around The World
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Top Festivals From All Around The World

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A festival is so much more than just music simply filling the air. It is the ultimate holiday, a time for you to escape the reality of every day life and set your spirit free to move, jump and sing. It's a time to truly celebrate the joyful moments in life and exist in a bubble of unrestrained bliss. There are countless music festivals all around the globe; from the eco-friendly grooving up high in Bulgaria’s Rhodope mountain range to the nonpareil post-modern pop-up in the Nevada desert, the variety is endless. Here we have composed a list of some of our favourites from all around the world, so keep reading and get your dancing shoes at the ready…
BY Jessica Dellow
Luxtripper Travel Editor

Check out our top picks of the best festivals in the world! Which ones have you been to?


Where: Indio, California, U.S

When: April

Beyond the million dollar mansions deep in the Californian desert, music lovers from all over the world gather west in pursuit of sunshine, beats and fashion. Coachella has fast become a celebrity hot-spot over the years and with a wide range of different music being played throughout the weekend, there is something tailored for everyone. Bask in the sun with a cider in hand and listen to your favourite artists or take a wander through the desert and discover somebody new. Get your flower headbands at the ready because Coachella is the ultimate place to be seen.


Where: Benicàssim, Spain

When: July

For the ultimate holiday festival look no further than Benicàssim. Set on an idyllic Spanish beach, it is easy to take a break from watching some of your favourite artists and have an evening dip in the glittery sea. The proximity of the titular town only 20 minutes away together with the fact that the music only starts at 5pm each day, makes it easy to combine holidaying by day with festival vibes at night.

Fuji Rock

Where: Niigata Prefecture, Japan

When: July

Located in the Naeba Ski Resort, Fuji Rock Festival offers a festival experience with a twist; to get to the entrance you are required to take a cable car trip up a mountain… well at least you don’t have to walk it. With a huge selection of accommodation to choose from there is one thing you know for sure about attending this festival; you will have a comfortable night’s sleep, which in our opinion is pretty vital after the hustle and bustle of festival shenanigans. Fuji Rock is also apparently the cleanest festival in the world, so if you’re a bit of a germ fanatic then this ones for you.

Magnetic Fields

Where: Shekawati, Rajasthan, India.

When: September

Dance in the desert until dawn at this magical three-day festival located in India. More than just a festival, Magnetic Fields offers kite-flying sessions, stargazing workshops and morning yoga sessions. As a whole it is more of a weekend for experiencing something new and a little different. Give the traditional Rajasthani delicacies a try and treat your ears to some of the up and coming stars of India, Magnetic Fields really is a haven for the young at heart. Join the rest of the adventurous and like-minded crowd and set yourself free for three short but memorable days.

Meadows in the Mountains

Where: Rhodopes Mountains, Bulgaria

When: June

Spend your days at this eco-friendly festival dancing to disco in the Bulgarian mountain range. The setting is teamed perfectly with the choice of music on offer and the peaceful vibe in general creates the perfect situation to connect with nature. The organisers have made sure to carefully select a number of art installations, shacks and stages from the local surrounding forest, keeping it very much environmentally friendly.

Burning Man

Where: Black Rock City, Nevada

When: August

Deep in the Nevada desert for a short period of time each year, the empty space is transformed into a global cultural movement. Filled with an array of weird and wonderful art installations, new workshops to try and a number of events, this festival stands out like no other. It offers attendees the chance to enter a decommodified space and in return you are expected to be creative and get stuck into all that is going on. It also has a clean up after yourself policy where you are expected to act as a citizen of Black Rock City. The festival is about coming together as a community, enjoying yourself and letting your spirit run free for the short amount of time that you’re there.

Montreux Jazz Festival

Where: Montreux, Switzerland

When: June

Spread out over a long two week period, Montreux Jazz Festival is an ideal haven for those who just love to scat and listen to good quality music. With the likes of rock, soul and blues bands, you have the chance to mix it up and discover new artists. The setting alone is enough to make us want to attend. Located along the shore, you can enjoy spectacular sunsets all the while listening to your favourite bands, it doesn’t sound too bad to us… 

Lake of Stars

Where: Mangochi, Malawi

When: Sep-Oct

Immerse yourself in traditional culture at this internationally renowned music festival located on the shores of Lake Malawi. Brimming with a variety of different music, art, dances and African culture, this is the place to experience something totally new and totally epic. Get stuck into one of the literature workshops or check out what’s going on at the fringe theatre. This festival is bursting with individuality and is ideal for anyone seeking a different kind of festival vibe.

Venice Carnival

Where: Venice, Italy

When: Jan-Feb

For a truly unique experience head to the elusive Venice Carnival. Where groups of party-goers flock in their elaborate masks to sing, dance and flourish within a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere. Dating all the way back to the 14th Century, attending this festival gives you the chance to step into history and explore one of the world’s most beautiful cities at the same time.

Loi Krathong Lantern Festival

Where: Thailand

When: November            

Thailand’s Loi Krathong sky lantern festival is a must-see for any traveller. Each year thousands of lanterns illuminate the sky as a warning against bad luck. Whilst the night sky is full of dancing beams the surrounding rivers are covered with floating flower lanterns as a signifier of good luck. Explore all that Thailand has to offer and make sure you schedule this once-in-a-lifetime event into your itinerary on the way.

Rio Carnival

Where: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

When: February

Attend one of the world’s most extravagant carnivals in Rio De Janeiro, where thousands swarm in a selection of weird and wild outfits and people show off a range of crazy talents. Experience true Brazillian culture and get stuck into the biggest street party on the planet. This magnificent spectacle will ignite all your senses and guarantee non-stop fun from start to finish.

Ubud Food Festival

Where: Ubud, Bali

When: May

Come together in the heart of Bali; Ubud, to celebrate the evolution of traditional Balinese food. Picnics, cook-offs, food markets and tours are just a fragment of what’s on offer throughout the Ubud Food Festival. In a place where, not too long ago, a sandwich was a restaurant staple, this festival showcases exactly how much Balinese cuisine has developed in a short space of time.

Holi Festival

Where: India

When: July

Celebrate the coming of spring and the celebration of good over evil at the Hindu Holi festival in India. Famed for the array of multi-coloured powders thrown over pretty much everything and everyone that attends, you will come away coated head to toe in a rainbow of different colours. This positive and uplifting festival provides the chance to let loose and experience traditional Indian culture in its rawest form.


Where: Mayrhofen, Austria

When: April

Set in the heart of the picturesque Austrian resort Mayrhofen, Snowbombing Festival is like no other. Whizz down mountains throughout the day with the sum gleaming down on your face and party by night with the selection of DJ’s, parties and live bands on offer throughout the week. Lose yourself in this bubble of fun for five days and enjoy all that’s available at Snowbombing Festival.


Where: South East Asia

When: October

Diwali, the festival of lights, is the most popular festival in the entirety of South Asia. Celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains for a range of different reasons, this is the ideal festival to learn and experience an entirely different culture. Where candles and fireworks illuminate pretty much everywhere around, you are guaranteed to learn and have a good time. So if you’re heading over that side of the globe, be sure to join in the fun when celebrating Diwali.

Day of the Dead

Where: Mexico

When: November

Situated in the core of Mexico, the Day of the Dead festival is a two-day celebration developed from ancient traditions. It encourages individuals to congregate and celebrate the spiritual journeys of the deceased. With the prospect of death viewed predominantly negatively within society, this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate lives that have been lost, as well as getting involved with blessing the spirits in return for good luck and protection. The skull make-up is a custom and a must when celebrating at the Day of the Dead festival.

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival China

Where: Harbin, Heilongjiang, China

When: Dec-Feb

For something totally different, join in with the largest Ice and Snow Festival located in China. A display like no other, this 800,000-square-metre Harbin ice and snow world will provide endless hours of fun and entertainment.

Bali Spirit Festival

Where: Ubud, Bali

When: April

Through the actions of dance, yoga and music you can get involved with the Bali Spirit Festival which embodies the heart of the mantra for Balinese Hinduism; to exist in harmony with all that surrounds us. A range of different activities and seminars, yoga classes and activity zones are scattered out across the scenic rice-fields of Ubud in order to come together and celebrate traditional Hindu beliefs.

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