An Escape to India & Bhutan
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An Escape to India & Bhutan

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The adventure of a lifetime, an escape to India and Bhutan is an experience like no other. From bustling historic cities to wildlife-rich national parks, you'll be able to immerse yourself in the ancient cultures of these two vibrant nations, discovering ornate temples, exotic wildlife and landscapes that seem to be pulled straight from the imagination. Starting in New Delhi, you'll explore this eclectic capital city before experiencing the wonders of Agra, Ranthambore National Park, Jaipur and Varanasi. Afterwards, you'll be escaping to true Shangri-La in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, visiting the beautiful cities and towns of Thimphu, Punakha and Paro. 

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Itinerary includes:
  • Return flights from the UK
  • Transfers between the hotels and airports
  • All tours and activities where mentioned
  • 2 nights at the 5 star Claridges Hotel New Delhi
  • 1 night at the 5 star Oberoi Amarvilas
  • 2 nights at the 5 star Oberoi Vanyavilas Wildlife Resort
  • 2 nights at the 5 star Rambagh Palace
  • 2 nights at the 4 star Brijrama Palace
  • 2 nights at the 5 star The Roseate New Delhi
  • 2 nights at the 5 star Taj Tashi
  • 1 night at the 5 star Como Punakha
  • 2 nights at the 5 star Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary
Day 1-2
Fly from UK to New Delhi

You've finally touched down! After marvelling at the spectacular Indian landscape from up high in the sky, you're ecstatic to have now landed in India's vibrant capital city, New Delhi, for the start of your incredible India and Bhutan holiday! After being met at the airport by your private chauffeur, you'll soon be on your way to the luxurious Claridges Hotel, a verdant oasis in the heart of the city. 

Day 2-4
New Delhi

New Delhi is a mirror pointing to both the past and the future, a pulsating city showcasing India's rich history and dazzling embrace of modernity. 

A visit to New Delhi is not complete without exploring the city's old quarter. As you wander into this historic part of the city, you'll be greeted by a wonderfully hectic array of street food vendors, cycle-rickshaws and market stalls. This kaleidoscopic section of the city is best seen on a designated Old Delhi tour with your own personal local guide; as you arrive at the iconic Red Fort in the heart of Old Delhi, gazing at the imposing red sandstone walls and majestic domed exteriors, you'll feel like you've been transported back in time!

If you want to glimpse the modern side of New Delhi on your India holiday, you should definitely visit New Delhi's mesmerising Lotus Temple. A Bahá'í House of Worship, this other-worldly architectural masterpiece is surrounded by pristine gardens and is uniquely shaped like a flower, making this a must-see attraction whilst in the capital!

Day 4
Road transfer from New Delhi to Agra

You've had an immersive time in New Delhi, but you're now excited to head further south to Agra to see the world-famous Taj Mahal! After being met by your private chauffeur, you'll be taken to the train station where you'll be able to travel like a local by rail to the city of Agra. As you admire the beautiful Indian scenery, it won't be long before the train is pulling in and your private chauffeur is taking you to the luxury Oberoi Amarvilas. As you take a swim in the hotel's ornate pool, you'll be able to glimpse the Taj Mahal as it points up behind the trees to the brilliant blue sky. 

Day 4-5

If this is your first time to India, then Agra is definitely not to be missed. A magical city scattered with the remnants of the Mughal Empire, there is more to Agra than the Taj Mahal (though you will undeniably be blown away by this impressive UNESCO World Heritage site!).

Now you're in Agra and have settled into your hotel, you're going to want to get outside and explore this bustling city. Where to begin? On the banks of the Yamuna River is Agra Fort, a Mughal-era fortress that was once the residence of the emperors of the Mughal Dynasty. As you wander through the vermilion sandstone walls, you'll feel like you've been transported back to India's Mughal past in a realm of romance and glamour. 

Afterwards, you must head off to see the awe-inspiring Taj Mahal, the famed icon of India known most prominently across the world. There is a reason millions flock to the Taj Mahal each year; the perfectly symmetrical gardens, walls and minarets are simply breathtaking, and if you're on a honeymoon in India, seeing the Taj Mahal at sunset is especially romantic. 

Day 5
Road transfer from Agra to Ranthambore

Now you've ticked the Taj Mahal off your bucket list, you're eager to see what else India has to offer, most particularly its wildlife! After being met at your hotel and taken to the train station, you'll be on your way by rail to the town of Sawai Madhopur where you'll then be picked up and taken to the spectacular Ranthambore National Park. Staying at the the Oberoi Vanyavilas Wildlife Resort, you can enjoy true luxury in nature whilst listening to the soothing hum of the forest. 

Day 5-7
Ranthambore National Park

With sweeping landscapes and an abundance of exotic wildlife, Ranthambore National Park is Rajasthan's hidden treasure, a natural haven filled with ancient landmarks and fascinating creatures.

Home to the iconic Bengal tiger, elusive leopards and menacing marsh crocodiles, Ranthambore National Park is the perfect place to encounter some of India's most spectacular wildlife on your India holiday. To experience the national park at it's most active points, you should go on two safaris both in the morning and the evening. As you cruise through the national park in the safari jeep, you'll feel the hum of Ranthambore as the tigers skulk through the forest thicket and spotted deer sip from the many lakes. Looming in the distance is the formidable Ranthambore Fort; built in the 10th Century, the fort is a key landmark in Rajasthan and worthy of an in-depth explore whilst in Ranthambore.

Day 7
Road transfer from Ranthambore to Jaipur

You loved every minute of your time in Ranthambore National Park but you're now excited to visit Jaipur, India's much-loved 'Pink City'. You'll be met at your hotel by your private chauffeur who will drive you in true VIP-style to the luxury Rambagh Palace hotel in the heart of Jaipur. Once there, you can feel like royalty as you wander through the beautiful landscaped Mughal gardens of this once royal palace. 

Day 7-9

The capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur is a stately city filled with ornate gardens, spectacular courtyards and opulent palaces, a beautiful living portrait of India's rich past.

Known fondly as the 'Pink City', Jaipur's warm, sun-washed buildings are simply astounding and are like nowhere else in India! To see the best spots in the city, you can explore Jaipur on a locally-led personalised tour, discovering the top attractions and the best restaurants. As you wander through the historic streets, inhaling the tantalising aromas of spice-infused Indian food, you'll be able to visit sites such as the majestic Jaipur Fort Palace, the vividly pink City Palace and the even more vividly pink Hawa Mahal! Afterwards, you must make sure to visit some of Jaipur's vibrant street markets; known for its artisans and craftsmen, you can purchase authentic Indian souvenirs in Jaipur such as beautiful handcrafted textiles and sparkling jewellery to have as a memorable keepsake. 

Day 9
Fly from Jaipur to Varanasi

You've been dazzled by India's 'Pink City', but now is the time to take to the skies and fly to your next destination on your India adventure: Varanasi. You'll be met at your hotel by your private chauffeur who will swiftly take you to the airport, where you'll catch a short domestic flight to Uttar Pradesh's Varanasi. Once you've landed and collected your luggage, you'll be met by your next private chauffeur who will take you to the historic Brijrama Palace, a luxury hotel overlooking the sacred Ganges River. 

Day 9-11

A city dating from the 11th Century, Varanasi is steeped in history and culture, drawing thousands of Hindu pilgrims each year who seek to bathe in the sacred water of the River Ganges. 

Known as the spiritual capital of India, you can experience the religious importance of this historical city first-hand on your India holiday with an evening Aarti, a spiritual ritual performed daily by a collection of priests. As you stand on the banks of the River Ganges, you can watch in wonder at this mesmerising performance as the gentle flicker of the oil lamp flames shimmers in the water. With approximately 2,000 temples in Varanasi, such as the famous Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple, you must make sure to take to wander through the beautifully chaotic streets of the city, feasting your eyes on the many Hindu temples and ghats leading into the Ganges. 

Day 11
Fly from Varanasi to New Delhi

You've had a visually spectacular time in Varanasi but now is the time to pack your bags and get ready to head back to New Delhi. After being met at your hotel by your private chauffeur, you'll be taken to the airport for a short domestic flight back to the India's capital, where you'll spend one luxurious night before heading off the elusive mountain kingdom of Bhutan. Once you've landed back in New Delhi, you'll be met at the airport by your private chauffeur who will take you to the at The Roseate New Delhi, an opulent retreat spread across 8 acres of luscious gardens within easy reach of the airport. 

Stay at The Roseate
Day 12
Fly from New Delhi to Thimphu

After a much-needed rest in New Delhi, you're now looking forward to heading to Bhutan for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in the mountains. After being met by your private chauffeur at your hotel and taken to the airport, you'll board a flight to Bhutan, flying above the spectacular rugged landscape of the Himalayas. Once you've landed in Paro, the only place in Bhutan to have an international airport, you'll be met by your personal driver who will take you to Thimphu, the tranquil capital of Bhutan. As you arrive at the Taj Tashi hotel, you look forward to unwinding and letting your mind feel revitalised. 

Stay at Taj Tashi
Day 12-14

Thimphu has escaped the rapid globalisation of the rest of the world, a city that carefully fuses modernity with tradition. Cradled by mountains in the picturesque Thimphu valley, Thimphu is a capital city like no other, showcasing a beauty that is marvellously intertwined with its untouched natural surroundings. 

For spectacular views overlooking Thimphu on your Bhutan holiday, you must visit the Buddha Dordenma whilst staying in the city. One of the tallest Shakyamuni Buddha statues in Asia, you can marvel at this brilliant gold structure whilst feasting your eyes on the breathtaking surrounding mountains. If you're interested in the cultural history of the city, then Tashichho Dzong, located on the banks of a rushing river and surrounded by rugged verdant hills, will excite your imagination. Transporting you back to the days of Bhutan's mysterious past, you can explore the 30 temples, chapels and shrines housed within the Dzong, which reflect the prominent Buddhist traditions of the Bhutan. 

Day 14
Road transfer from Thimphu to Punakha

Thimphu was a breath of fresh air, a city unlike anywhere you have ever been to before. After a relaxing few nights, you're now looking forward to visiting Punakha, a beautiful town located in the Punakha Valley. After being met at your hotel by your private chauffeur, you'll enjoy sweeping views of Bhutan looking across the mountains on your drive to Punakha. After an unrivalled scenic journey, you'll soon be arriving at the luxury COMO Uma Punakha where you'll be able to fully unwind and relax. 

Day 14-15

Punakha is a valley town in the Himalayas of Bhutan, north-east of Thimphu but with a surprisingly warmer climate. Once the capital city and seat of government of Bhutan, Punakha is home to opulent dzongs and traditional markets, reflecting the unique customs of the country. 

Where to begin? Punakha Dzong is the most iconic landmark of the region, located beautifully at the confluence of the Pho Chu and Mo Chu rivers. Both the second oldest and second largest dzong in Bhutan, you can visit this impressive palace with an expert private guide, learning about it's remarkable religious and royal history. The Dzong is even open to explore during the summer months once the monk body has returned to Thimphu!

For the inner-adventurer inside of you, whilst in Punakha you can also experience Druk Rafting, a unique rafting experience in Bhutan. With majestic mountains a stunning backdrop, you'll weave your way through the sweeping Punakha Valley, gliding along rushing water or gentle currents depending on your white water rafting ability!

Day 15
Road transfer from Punakha to Paro

You've had an incredible time in Punakha, but you're now looking forward to visiting Paro, home to the world-famous 'Tiger's Nest'! After being met at your hotel by your private chauffeur, you can sit back and relax as you drive through winding mountain paths to Paro. Once you've arrived in the town, you'll be on your way to the Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary, a serene retreat in Bhutan that has a strong focus on wellness and rejuvenation. 

Day 15-17

The last stop on your Bhutan adventure, Paro has everything, from tantalising restaurants offering authentic Bhutanese cuisine to beautiful historical buildings reflecting the country's rich heritage. 

On a personalised sightseeing tour of the town, you'll be able to experience the wonders of Paro, such as the spectacular Paro Dzong; built in 1644, this majestic palace looks across the town, acting as a Buddhist monastery and fortress as well as an administrative centre. If you're visiting Paro on a Sunday, you can wander through Paro Bazaar, a vibrant weekend market offering a selection of authentic Bhutanese goods, such as organic Tsirang honey and handcrafted traditional textiles. 

Perhaps the most coveted destination in Paro is Paro Taktsang, most fondly known as the Tiger's Nest, a Himalayan Buddhist sacred area and UNESCO World Heritage site. If you're on a honeymoon in Bhutan, there is no better way to spend a romantic afternoon than by walking up the rugged mountain paths to the monastery, marvelling at the brightly-coloured prayer flags and the Tiger's Nest in the distance, perched on the edge of imposing mountain peaks and holy caves.  

Day 17-18
Fly from Paro to UK

Bhutan was out of this world, but unfortunately your mountain escape has come to an end! After an incredible tour of this wonderfully remote country, you'll be met from your hotel by your private chauffeur and taken to Paro International Airport, where you'll board a flight back to New Delhi. As you admire the mountain landscape from the sky, it won't be long before you're back in India for one last night at The Roseate before your journey back to the UK. 

After a rejuvenating night spent in New Delhi, you're now feeling prepared for  flight back to the UK. You'll be met promptly at your hotel by your private chauffeur, who will take you swiftly to the hotel for your return flight home. As you take to the skies, you'll start thinking of where you'd next like to visit; wherever you choose, one of our luxury travel specialists will be ready to start planning your next unforgettable holiday...

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Itinerary includes:
  • Return flights from the UK
  • Transfers between the hotels and airports
  • All tours and activities where mentioned
  • 2 nights at the 5 star Claridges Hotel New Delhi
  • 1 night at the 5 star Oberoi Amarvilas
  • 2 nights at the 5 star Oberoi Vanyavilas Wildlife Resort
  • 2 nights at the 5 star Rambagh Palace
  • 2 nights at the 4 star Brijrama Palace
  • 2 nights at the 5 star The Roseate New Delhi
  • 2 nights at the 5 star Taj Tashi
  • 1 night at the 5 star Como Punakha
  • 2 nights at the 5 star Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary
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