Namibia's Northern Highlights
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12 nights

Namibia's Northern Highlights

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On this 12-day luxury tour, you'll uncover the wonders of Namibia as you explore wildlife reserves in Onguma and Etosha, visit Himba tribe villages in Kunene, venture into vast swathes of desert in Hoanib Valley, discover the desolate scape of the Skeleton Coast, soak up the sun in the coastal city of Swakopmund, wander amidst the dunes and plains of Sossusvlei and Deadvlei and traverse across one of the largest reserves in the country in NamibRand. 

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Itinerary includes:
  • Return flights from the UK
  • Transfers between the hotels and airports
  • All domestic flights
  • All tours and activities where mentioned
  • 2 nights at the 4-star Onguma Tented Camp
  • 2 nights at the 4-star Okahirongo River Camp
  • 1 night at the 4-star Hoanib Valley Camp
  • 2 nights at the 5-star Skeleton Coast Shipwreck Lodge
  • 1 night at the 4-star Swakopmund Guesthouse
  • 1 night at the 5-star Little Kulala
  • 2 nights at the 4.5-star Wolwedans Dunes Camp
Day 1-2
Fly from UK to Windhoek

Welcome aboard! Sit back and enjoy the ride as you embark on the journey of a lifetime into one of the most remote and pristine countries in Africa. An exciting adventure awaits you as you arrive at Windhoek International Airport where you will be met by a Naturefriend Safaris transfer representative and taken to Windhoek Eros Airport.

Day 2-4
2 nights at Onguma Tented Camp

After 3 flights, just one last drive stands between you and your first destination. Once you've touched down, you'll be transported from the Onguma airstrip to Onguma Tented Camp. Situated within the 20,000 hectares Onguma Game Reserve, the exclusive luxury hotel provides elegant and private accommodation against the backdrop of the breathtaking Etosha National Park, the perfect setting to relax after a flight.

Day 3
Etosha National Park

During your stay at Onguma Tented Camp, you will visit one of Namibia's greatest treasures, Etosha National Park. The 22 750km² wildlife and nature reserve is home to 114 mammals, including lions, leopards, elephants and endangered black and white rhinos. Guided experts will take you out on a game drive through the park where you'll have the opportunity to spot some of the world's most elusive animals whilst learning about the park's diverse ecology. 

Day 4
Fly from Onguma to Kunene

After two incredible nights in Etosha, it's time to head over to your next destination in the northern region of Kunene. You'll be transported back to the Onguma airstrip where you'll depart to the Kunene River, arriving approximately around midday.

Day 4-6
2 nights at Okahirongo River Camp

Situated on a ridge at the banks of the Kunene River, the Okahirongo River Camp offers luxurious, eco-friendly accommodation peacefully nestled amongst natural rock formations. The exclusive hotel boasts unparalleled views and access to its surroundings, allowing guests to comfortably venture out and enjoy the spectacular view from any room.  

Day 5
Kunene River

Expert guides will accompany you on your exciting adventures around the Kunene River where you'll undertake a number of activities such as day and night drives, hiking, elephant and rhino tracking and if you're lucky, crocodile spotting! One of the most incredible experiences on offer is the opportunity to visit the spectacular villages of the Himba tribe, a traditional semi-nomadic tribe that routinely travels the area with their livestock. Your visit will be arranged by native Himba guides who will mediate interactions with the tribe, allowing you to experience an authentic encounter while learning about the tribes' unique way of life. 

Day 6
Fly from Kunene River to Orutjandja airstrip, Kaokoveld

Following two nights in Kunene, it's time to move onto the next stage of your adventure. After checking out, you'll be met by your pilot who will fly you via private charter jet from Kunene to Orutjandja airstrip, Kaokoveld. Upon arrival, your Hoanib Valley Camp guide will transport you from the airstrip to the Hoanib Valley Camp, approximately a two-hour drive. 

Day 6-7
1 night at Hoanib Valley Camp

Residing in Kaokoland, the Hoanib Valley Camp offers six exclusive, contemporary-style rooms, each fitted with ensuite bathrooms and private verandas so that guests can enjoy endless views of the surrounding landscapes from the comfort of their room. The intimate campsite occupies a prime spot with close proximity to the area's main attractions, so you don't have to venture out too far to witness the incredible sights in the region. 

Day 7
Hoanib Valley

Recognised as one of the most remote and pristine areas in Namibia, the vast landscape of Kaokoland possesses diverse attributes with rugged mountains, gigantic sand dunes, dry river beds and large swathes of desert. During your stay at the camp, you'll venture out into the Hoanib Valley region of Kaokoland on dedicated game drives through the sandy landscape where you'll find adapted, desert-dwelling elephants, giraffes, lions, rhinos, mountain zebras and oryxs. Guests can also explore the region on foot, with guided nature walks showcasing the regions smaller flora and fauna. 

Day 7
Road transfer from Hoanib Valley Camp to Skeleton Coast Shipwreck Lodge

Get ready to explore a new side of Namibia as you travel through Damaraland to reach the Skeleton Coast, a 500km long stretch of land on Namibia's Atlantic coastline. The approximately 6-hour long journey to the coast will take you through a series of incredible landscapes with close-up views. 

Day 7-9
2 nights at Skeleton Coast Shipwreck Lodge

Situated near the dry mouth of the Hoarusib River, the Skeleton Coast Shipwreck Lodge is one of the few hotels accommodating guests in this stark and remote region. Designed by Windhoek-based Nina Maritz Architects, the distinctive architecture of the lodges is inspired by the hundreds of shipwrecks that have occurred on the coast but don't fret, these lodges are anything but wrecked. Boasting spacious and modern interiors, guests can enjoy marvelling at the sprawling Skeleton Coast from the comfort of their luxurious rooms.

Day 8
Skeleton Coast

The raw and rugged landscape of the Skeleton Coast has earned the region a reputation of treachery and starkness and even the nickname "The Sands of Death", but this remote slice of Namibia offers much more than what initially meets the eye. Scattered across the coast, you'll find thousands of remnants of wrecked ships and skeletal remains of animals, but also dozens of species of desert flora that have found a way to adapt to the harsh conditions. An incredible land where some life forms can't survive, while others thrive, your journey into the Skeleton Coast is one experienced by few. 

Day 9
Fly from Shipwreck Coast to Swakopmund

It's time to trade rugged shores for breezy beaches! After a once-in-a-lifetime stay in the Skeleton Coast, you'll be transported from your lodge to an airstrip where you will fly to your next destination, the coastal city of Swakopmund.

Day 9-10
1 night at Swakopmund Guesthouse

The perfect picture of a seaside resort, the Swakopmund Guesthouse is a cosy and idyllic family-owned hotel, situated in the town centre of Swakopmund just 5-minutes away from the beach. The Swakopmund Guesthouse offers modern, spacious rooms, enclosed within a serene, private courtyard. 

Day 9

Namibia's largest coastal city, Swakopmund is a must-see along the way of your Namibian adventure! Once acting as the main harbour for Germany during its colonial era, this picturesque city has a rich history that can be observed every where you wander. With plenty of landmarks, a local museum, watersports and sky diving on offer, you'll have plenty of options for fun and exploration during your stay. 

Day 10
Fly from Swakopmund to Sossusvlei

After a quick city break, it's time to catch another flight back into the Namibian wilderness. Departing from Swakopmund Airport, you'll travel South to Sossusvlei, the world-famous clay and salt pan. With incredible bird-eye views of the red dunes that populate the region, your flight into Sossulvlei will be an experience of its own. 

Day 10-11
1 night at Little Kulala

Nestled by the foothills of Sossusvlei, Little Kulala is ideally located to accommodate panoramic views of the pristine red dunes that have earned Sossusvlei a reputation of being one of the most sought after destinations in Namibia. The luxury safari lodge blends seamlessly into its surroundings, offering beautifully crafted, rustic-inspired rooms fitted with private terraces, plunge pools and even rooftop beds so you can stargaze amidst the mountains and dunes.  

Day 10
Sossusvlei and Deadvlei

Guided by experts, your journey into Sossusvlei and Deadvlei will entail climbing some of the highest dunes in the world, offering unimaginable views of the incredible surrounding landscape. Contrasted against fiercely red dunes, the salt and clay plains create an unworldly sight that you won't find anywhere else on the globe. 

Day 11
Road transfer from Little Kulala to Wolwedans

Venturing out deeper into the NamibRand-Naturreservat, your next destination will be the Wolwedans Dunes Camp, a stunning desert resort with sustainability at the forefront of its mission.

Day 11-13
2 nights at Wolwedans Dune Camp

Situated against a backdrop of stunning desert scenery in the heart of NamibRand, the Wolwedans Dune Camp is the perfect base to accommodate your stay in this exciting and remote region. With a policy of 1 bed to 1000 hectares of nature ratio, guests at the Wolwedans Dune Camp are given unparalleled access to enjoy the pristine landscape all to themselves!

Day 12
NamibRand Nature Reserve

The NamibRand Nature Reserve is a self-sustaining, non-profit reserve spanning more than 215,000 hectares. Home to a diverse set of incredible landscapes, from colossal red dunes to sprawling gravel plains that blend into the surrounding mountains, the reserve has no shortage of breathtaking sights. During your stay in the region, you will embark on a series of drives around the landscape designed to exhibit the vast wonders of the wilderness. With morning to sundowner drives and even all-day drives, you'll have plenty of time to venture out and discover the unique ecology of the reserve and spot some elusive wildlife. 

Day 13
Fly from Windhoek to UK

After a whirwild adventure in Namibia, it's time to head back home! Shortly after breakfast you'll be transported to the Wolwedans airstrip where you'll travel to Windhoek before catching a connecting flight back to the UK. Get in touch with one of our Luxury Travel Specialists if you'd love to embark on this Namibia itinerary for yourself. 

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Itinerary includes:
  • Return flights from the UK
  • Transfers between the hotels and airports
  • All domestic flights
  • All tours and activities where mentioned
  • 2 nights at the 4-star Onguma Tented Camp
  • 2 nights at the 4-star Okahirongo River Camp
  • 1 night at the 4-star Hoanib Valley Camp
  • 2 nights at the 5-star Skeleton Coast Shipwreck Lodge
  • 1 night at the 4-star Swakopmund Guesthouse
  • 1 night at the 5-star Little Kulala
  • 2 nights at the 4.5-star Wolwedans Dunes Camp
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