The Wildlife & National Parks of Rwanda
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The Wildlife & National Parks of Rwanda

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Embark on the adventure of a lifetime into the rich and rugged landscapes of Rwanda wilderness on this immersive 10-night wildlife-focused itinerary. You'll begin your journey in the capital city of Kigali before exploring the Akagera National Park, one of Rwanda's only safari reserve. You'll then continue through the ancient Nyungwe Forest where you'll encounter elusive chimpanzees before concluding your journey in the magnificent Volcanoes National Park, home to approximately one-third of the world's remaining mountain gorillas. 

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Itinerary includes:
  • Return flights from the UK
  • All domestic flights
  • Transfers between the hotels and airports
  • All tours and activities where mentioned
  • 2 nights stay at the 5-star Kigali Serena Hotel
  • 3 nights stay at the 5-star Magashi Camp
  • 3 nights stay at the 5-star One&Only Nyungwe House
  • 2 nights stay at the 5-star One&Only Gorilla's Nest
Day 1-2
Fly from UK to Kigali

Welcome aboard! Your journey into Rwanda begins here as you depart from the UK to the capital city of Kigali. Upon arrival, you'll be greeted and transported by a private driver to your accommodation for your first night. 

Day 2-3
1 night stay at Kigali Serena Hotel

Rwanda's largest city, Kigali is ideally located in central Rwanda and offers accessible links to other destinations across the country. During your time in Kigali, you'll stay at the Kigali Serena Hotel, a luxury hotel situated around a beautiful tropical garden. You can spend your first night freshening up with a dip in the pool and indulging in authentic Rwandan cuisine at the hotel's on-site dining venues. 

Day 3
Road transfer from Kigali to Akagera National Park

After a restful night in Kigali, it's time to continue your journey into Rwanda. Your next destination is Akagera National Park, a sprawling terrain roamed by a wide range of incredible wildlife, located just two hours away from Kigali. 

Day 3-6
3 nights stay at Magashi Camp

Set on the banks of Lake Rwanyakazinga, Magashi Camp is a warm and luxurious rustic-style camp perched above the ground to ensure optimal viewing of the park and lake, so keep an eye out for water-dwelling creatures and curious wildlife! In a secluded location, you'll benefit from expert-led game drives and nature walks. 

Day 3-6
Akagera National Park

Home to a plethora of wildlife species across 1,122 km², the Akagera National Park has drastically evolved over the past two decades from a savannah void of biodiversity into one of Rwanda's top safari destinations. You'll embark on an exhilarating game drive across the park led by expert guides where you'll encounter Africa's "Big 5", the only park in Rwanda to home all of the five, amongst other incredible animals. 

Day 6
Road transfer from Akagera National Park to Kigali

Following your time in Akagera National Park, it's time to head back to Kigali for another night at the Kigali Serena Hotel. You'll be met by your private driver who will take you back to the capital. 

Day 6-7

Upon arrival in Kigali, you'll head to the Kigali Genocide Memorial, a site of education and remembrance in honour of the people who lost their lives in the Rwandan civil war. The site homes a visitors center providing information on the events that led to the genocide. 

Whilst you're in the city, immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting some of the thriving markets, including Caplaki Crafts Village for handmade, authentic Rwandan crafts. 

Day 7
Road transfer from Kigali to Nyungwe Forest

After an insightful experience in Kigali, it's time to return to your journey through the Rwandan wilderness. Your next destination is Nyungwe Forest, an expansive mountain forest located in the Western region of the country. 

Day 7-10
3 nights stay at One&Only Nyungwe House

Set in the Nyungwe Forest National Park, One&Only Nyungwe benefits from dramatic mountain views whilst being surrounded by the lush greenery of the rainforest. Exquisitely crafted to reflect Rwanda's rich heritage, the hotel offers modern and warm accommodation accompanied by magnificent views of one of Africa's oldest forests. 

Day 8-9
Chimpanzee Tracking & The Canopy Walk

During your time in the Nyungwe Forest, you'll embark on a trek into the heart of the forest with an expert guide where you will be able to observe charismatic tree-dwelling chimpanzees in their own natural habitat. Your guide will offer fascinating insights into their behaviours, explaining the significance of their gestures as you observe their interactions. Home to more than just chimpanzees,  the Nyungwe Forest is also home to the L'Hoest's and colobus monkeys, elusive monkey species that are native to mountainous regions. 

Experience the forest from a different perspective on a riveting canopy walk where you'll be able to marvel at the forest in its all glory from a birds-eye perspective with panoramic views all around. 

Day 10
Road transfer from Nyungwe Forest to Volcanoes National Park

Upon check out at One&Only Nyungwe House, you'll continue your journey north into the Volcanoes National Park, the final stop on your itinerary! 

Day 10-12
2 nights stay at One&Only Gorilla's Nest

Set against a breathtaking backdrop of roaring mountains and verdant rainforest, One&Only Gorilla's Nest is a remarkable hotel set right in the heart of the Rwandan wilderness. Boasting sleek and modern accommodation, each room at the hotel offers immersive, panoramic views of the surroundings and a spacious outdoor deck. 

Day 11-12
Gorilla and Golden Monkey Trekking

During your time at One&Only Gorilla's Nest, you'll embark on a thrilling through the Volcanoes National Park where you will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to track and view endangered mountain gorillas in their own natural habitat. The immersive experience will take you through the misty forest canopies up to higher altitudes, allowing you to intimately explore the vibrant and luscious natural terrain these creatures call home. Your trek will be led by an expert who will guide you into gorilla nests where you'll encounter gorilla families thriving in the remote Rwandan wilderness. 

The Volcanoes National Park also homes the endemic golden monkey, otherwise known as ‘the old world monkey'. Inhabiting lower altitude areas, golden monkeys can usually be spotted swinging from bamboo trees in the Albertine Rift region. Although small in numbers, these beautiful creatures remain one of the parks top attractions. 

Day 12
Road transfer from Volcanoes National Park to Kigali

Following an awe-inspiring experience in the Volcanoes National Park, it's time to conclude your Rwandan adventure and head back home. You'll be transported by a driver back to Kigali where you will catch a flight back home.

Day 12-13
Fly from Kigali to UK

You'll depart for the UK from Kigali International Airport. 


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Itinerary includes:
  • Return flights from the UK
  • All domestic flights
  • Transfers between the hotels and airports
  • All tours and activities where mentioned
  • 2 nights stay at the 5-star Kigali Serena Hotel
  • 3 nights stay at the 5-star Magashi Camp
  • 3 nights stay at the 5-star One&Only Nyungwe House
  • 2 nights stay at the 5-star One&Only Gorilla's Nest
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