The Highlights of Japan
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The Highlights of Japan

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Steeped in ancient customs and state-of-the-art robotics, step into irresistible Japan and experience  an unforgettable journey through time. On this unique tour through Japan's iconic Golden Route, you'll visit dazzling scenes of the future in ultramodern Tokyo, immersive cultural delights in Kyoto, foodie paradise in the vibrant Osaka, and ultimate serenity in the hot-spring sanctuary of Hakone! 

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Itinerary includes:
  • Return flights from the UK
  • Transfers between the hotel and airport
  • All tours and activities where mentioned
  • 3 nights at the 4 star Shinjuku Granbell Hotel
  • 3 nights at the 4 star General Kyoto Takatsuji Fuyacho
  • 5 nights at the 4 star Moxy Osaka Honmachi
  • 2 nights at the 5 star Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort and Spa
  • 4 nights at the 4 star Nohga Hotel Ueno
Day 1-2
Fly from UK to Tokyo

You've arrived in Japan for your unforgettable Japanese holiday! Once you've touched down in Tokyo, you'll be greeted by your private assistant and swiftly taken by a friendly chauffeur to the stylish Shinjuku Granbell Hotel. Located in Shinjuku's urban district, you'll be greeted to the Tokyo of your imagination; think vivid billboards, dazzling neon lights and the aromas of mouthwatering Japanese street food. Once you arrive, ascend to the hotel's rooftop bar and feast your eyes on the panoramic views of Tokyo whilst sipping authentic Japanese Sake. 

Day 2-5
Tantalising Tokyo

Tokyo is simply electric. As you walk along the thrilling streets of Tokyo, you'll be greeted to the futuristic sounds of robotic voices welcoming you into modern Japanese shops; with the added hypnotising glow of eclectic billboards, how could resist indulging in a frenzied shopping spree? 

But hold back on the shopping! You'll be heading to Tokyo again at the end of your trip, so take the time to marvel at the beauty of the city whilst visiting its mesmerising sights. Included in your Japan holiday, you can walk along the idyllic Meguro River in Tokyo's Nakameguro district and visit the bustling stretch of stylish bars and stores of Nakameguro Koukashita. If you visit the Meguro River in late-March/early-April, be camera ready and capture the iconic cherry blossom trees as the river is transformed into a picturesque mirror of pink. 

With a flexible-length admission ticket to the Tokyo City View observatory included, skip the queue and feast your eyes on the panoramic views of Tokyo's glistening expanse of skyscraper from the bewildering heights of the 52nd floor. The journey doesn't end there; head to the Mori Art Museum on the 53rd floor and enjoy stimulating contemporary art pieces in the chic, magical environment of the museum. 

Day 5
Road transfer from Tokyo to Kyoto

It's sadly time to leave Tokyo (don't worry, you'll be back!), and head to the charming historical hub of Kyoto. What better way to get there than by one of Japan's world-famous bullet trains! After being handed your 14 Day Railway pass and escorted to the train station by your personal assistant, you'll be off on the journey of a lifetime aboard pure rail luxury. Once in Kyoto, revel in the minimalist luxury of The General Kyoto Takatsuji Fuyacho. With a design centered around the philosophy of zen, enjoy ultimate tranquility as you prepare to explore the endearing city of Kyoto. 

Day 5-8
Kyoto's Cultural Charm

With over 2,000 Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, Kyoto, once the capital of Japan, is the home of Japanese tradition and culture. A world away from the futuristic glitz and glamour of Tokyo, Kyoto's slow and peaceful tempo is a great place to soothe your mind and connect with Japan's rich heritage.

To immerse yourself fully in Kyoto, embark on a sightseeing bus tour of Kyoto, included in your Japan holiday, where you will learn from an expert English-speaking guide about this ancient political capital. You'll visit the majestic UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Kinkaku-ji Temple and Nijo Castle, where you can marvel at the traditional Japanese architecture. 

If you're a fan of Memoirs of a Geisha, then you must visit Gion, Kyoto's most famous Geisha district. Also included in this unforgettable itinerary, enjoy Kyoto-style kaiseki ryori (Japanese haute cuisine) in traditional Japanese machiya houses where geisha's entertain - this is definitely a must-do for your unforgettable Japan holiday! 

Day 8
Road transfer from Kyoto to Osaka

You've had a brilliant time in Kyoto, and now you're back on the bullet train to the enchanting Osaka, the next stop on your amazing Japan holiday! You'll be met by your private assistant who will escort you from the hotel to the train station - you'll never have to worry about getting lost! Your hotel in Osaka, the Moxy Osaka Honmachi, has an urban and laid-back feel and is the perfect place to unwind after your journey. Play a fun game of foosball in the relaxed lounge before setting off to explore Osaka's vibrant streets. 

Day 8-13
Feasting in Osaka

The second biggest city in Japan, Osaka is Tokyo's more relaxed cousin, with beautiful historic temples interwoven amongst dynamic, modern streets. Often referred to as 'Japan's Kitchen', Osaka makes it mark by being the food capital of Japan. With every sort of Japanese dish on offer, you'll find you won't be able to resist the aromatic smells of the many street food stalls; make sure to try Kitsune Udon, a rich Japanese noodle soup, Okonomiyaki, a Japanese savoury pancake, and Takoyaki, a Japanese snack filled with diced octopus. 

To soak up the spectacular views of Osaka. You must visit The Floating Garden Observatory, included in your incredible Japanese holiday itinerary! With 360-degree views across the city, watch the radiant rays of the evening sunset shine on the glistening glass of the skyscrapers.

Be engrossed in Osaka's rich history at the Shitenno-Ji Temple, one of Japan's oldest Buddhist Temples, that was built by Prince Shotoku who helped bring Buddhism to Japan. The vivid red and white pagoda is picture-perfect Japan, a great place to visit for your Japanese holiday. Contact a luxury travel expert if you'd like to include this experience to your action-packed Japan itinerary!

Day 13
Road transfer from Osaka to Hakone

Your time in Osaka has unfortunately come to an end. Feeling slightly fuller than when you first arrived, you're back on the bullet train and off to the serene town of Hakone. You'll feel like Japanese royalty at the five-star luxury Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort and Spa; relax with traditional Japanese spa treatments whilst you eagerly anticipate exploring the famed Mount Fuji on your unforgettable Japan holiday. 

Day 13-15
Harmonious in Hakone

Hakone, a serene mountain escape, is the ideal place to see the magnificent Mount Fuji and experience Japan's stunning natural landscape. The hot springs and tranquil shrines of Hakone make for a welcome change after your stay in the energetic cities of Tokyo and Osaka.

You must visit the iconic volcano of Mount Fuji, a World Heritage site. Included in your Japan holiday is the Mount Fuji Forest Exploration tour, where you'll be taken by an English-speaking guide to Mount Fuji's 5th station. Explore Aokigahara Forest, known as 'The Sea of Trees', which is astoundingly 1000 meters above sea level at the foot of the volcano. You'll also get to explore the ethereal lava caves of the mountain - this is definitely a trip you cannot miss on your Japan holiday!

Make the most of your stay and visit the calming hot springs in Hakone; we recommend you visit Yumoto, Hakone most famous hot spring, perfect for a Japan honeymoon. Indulge in hot spring baths in Hakone public bath houses by paying for a daytime visitors pass - it's definitely worth having a steamy soak before your journey back to Tokyo!

Day 15
Road transfer from Hakone to Tokyo

After experiencing some of Japan's best highlights, wave goodbye to Hakone and the unforgettable Mount Fuji as you head northwards to Tokyo for your last bullet train journey. Before you know it, you'll be back in Japan's capital city for more unforgettable moments at the Nohga Hotel Ueno in animated East Tokyo. With stylish artisan decor, enjoy a Japanese craft beer before you explore the rest of this vast metropolis on the last leg of your Japan holiday!

Day 15-19
Pop Culture in Tokyo

Now that you're back in Tokyo, you can resume your adventures in this dazzling modernistic city. Delve deep into the unique "otaku" culture of Akihabara, a hub dedicated for electronics, anime and manga  and treat yourself to an iconic Japanese souvenir from the many brilliant shops! Also known as Akihabara Electric Town, the streets are designed to make visitors feel like they're walking through a comic book; watch people dressed up in cosplay in the outfits of their favourite anime characters for this unmissable experience on your Japan holiday!

After the vibrancy of Akihabara, head to the Hanazono Jinja Shrine in Shinjuku, an idyllic escape from the frenzy of central Tokyo, included in your Japan holiday! With weekly and seasonal events, the shrine is dedicated to the god of fertility and worldly successes, making it a popular site for dedicated businessmen! Take a night walking tour and see the shrine illuminated for a completely mesmerising experience!  

Day 19-20
Fly from Tokyo to UK

Your unforgettable Japanese adventure has sadly come to an end, but the luxury doesn't end here! You'll be met promptly at your hotel by a friendly chauffeur, who will take you swiftly to Tokyo Narita International Airport for the end of your Japan holiday! As you take to the skies, think back to your incredible Japan itinerary and start looking forward to your next adventure...

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Itinerary includes:
  • Return flights from the UK
  • Transfers between the hotel and airport
  • All tours and activities where mentioned
  • 3 nights at the 4 star Shinjuku Granbell Hotel
  • 3 nights at the 4 star General Kyoto Takatsuji Fuyacho
  • 5 nights at the 4 star Moxy Osaka Honmachi
  • 2 nights at the 5 star Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort and Spa
  • 4 nights at the 4 star Nohga Hotel Ueno
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