Luxtripper launches its first tailor-made Bucket List Collection
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Luxtripper launches its first tailor-made Bucket List Collection

Luxtripper, the luxury online travel specialist, has launched its Bucket List Collection, a bespoke selection of ten unique adventures across the globe. The move comes in response to more clients requesting experience-rich, multi-destination and adventure travel for 2022 and beyond.

From gorilla trekking in Rwanda, to paragliding in Oman and snowshoeing across the glacial plains of Antarctica, the itineraries in Luxtripper's new Bucket List Collection are designed to showcase the beauty of each destination and bring people together to share in unique, once-in-a-lifetime moments. These itineraries can be tailored for couples, honeymooners, families, groups, or even solo travellers, each created from scratch and personalised to all requirements.

Following the recent announcement of a partnership with Trees4Travel, Luxtripper clients can also make any holiday in the Bucket List Collection carbon neutral, through planting indigenous trees in protected sites across the world.

Muscat City TourMuscat City Tour

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

High up in the lush rainforests of the Virunga Mountains is where you will find Rwanda's incredible mountain gorillas, living in highly complex social groups in nests built from nearby branches and leaves. Gorilla trekking is one of the most phenomenal wildlife experiences in Africa, and for good reason: completely on foot, guests will be fully immersed in the natural habitat of the gorillas from the start, experiencing all the sights and sounds unique to the Volcanoes National Park. An expert guide will lead travellers to a habituated mountain gorilla group, explaining about these fascinating animals whilst the travellers observe their playful and inquisitive behaviour. With strict restrictions on the number of visitors who come through the national park each day, this is a truly special experience.

Itinerary: Rwanda Gorilla Trekking & Zanzibar Beaches

Gorilla In The RainforestGorilla In The Rainforest

Paragliding in Oman

Oman is renowned for its rugged, desert landscapes, but few get to experience this dramatic scenery from the air. With a stay at the luxurious Six Senses Zighy Bay, beautifully positioned in a secluded location in Oman's Musandam Peninsula, guests can opt in to arrive by paraglider. Safely secured to a professional paraglider, this unique experience will showcase the Al Hajar Mountains unfolding into glistening coastline before it culminates spectacularly on the beach. The ultimate way to make an entry, this is an experience of a lifetime. The adventure doesn't end here though; this itinerary incorporates a mountain top retreat at the luxurious  Alila Jabal Akhdar, walking tours through the ancient city of Muscat, and experiencing the thrilling attractions of Dubai.

Itinerary: The Best of Oman and Dubai

Alila Jabal AkhdarAlila Jabal Akhdar

Snowshoeing in Antarctica

For most, Antarctica is a landscape so unique and awe-inspiring that it seems to belong only to the imagination. But for those ready to travel to the end of the world, Antarctica is not completely out of reach. On this incredible Antarctic cruise, guests will delve into the frozen continent, experiencing the ethereal landscapes and captivating wildlife that thrive in these harsh conditions. Aboard the Ultramarine, guests will relax in luxurious surroundings, from its sauna with floor-to-ceiling windows to its state-of-the-art fitness centre and wraparound viewing platforms. Off the ship, one of the most invigorating activities to experience is snowshoeing; led by expert guides, guests don specialist shoes to distribute their body weight over a larger area so that their feet won't sink completely in the snow. These energising hikes across the snow will take them to the less visited parts of Antarctica's interior, whilst seeing the dramatic mountain landscapes up close.

Itinerary: Quark Expeditions Ultramarine Antarctic Cruise

Snowshoeing AntarcticaSnowshoeing Antarctica

Lemur Spotting in Madagascar

With approximately 90% of all its plant and animal species being endemic, Madagascar's unique wildlife continues to fascinate all travellers who visit this ‘eighth continent’. Its lemur population is the biggest draw to the island, with over 100 species each having remarkably adapted to the varying climates and terrains. The most striking of these is the ring-tailed lemur, with its long and distinct black and white striped tail designed to help it balance as it jumps from tree to tree. The exception is the Indri, the largest living lemur, which, unlike other lemur species, only has a small tail and leaps vertically through the trees. On Luxtripper’s tour of northern Madagascar, guests will trek through the region's deciduous forests and rocky landscapes with an expert guide, having the opportunity to spot the intriguing Sanford’s lemur and crowned lemur - species only found in the north of the island - as they live and play.

Itinerary: The Best of Northern Madagascar

Ring Tailed LemursRing Tailed Lemurs

Seeking the Zen Gardens & Temples of Kyoto

Whilst no longer the capital city, Kyoto remains very much the cultural centre of Japan, its ancient rituals and traditions still widely practised within society today. With over 2,000 temples and shrines, Kyoto is best explored with a private guide, who will not only take you to the most prominent spots but to lesser visited, more intimate parts of the city. Experiencing Japan's beautiful culture is enriching and compelling, and guests can visit a wide variety of temples on the tour, participating in ancient traditions such as writing prayer cards, ringing a Shinto bell, or visiting one of the many shrines. The most mesmerising place to visit is Fushimi Inari, a 15th century shrine known for its iconic vermilion tori gates; the more adventurous can take a pathway up to the mountain that lies beyond.

Itinerary: Journey Across the Golden Route of Japan

Fushimi Inari KyotoFushimi Inari Kyoto

Tracking Wild Orangutans in Borneo

With their bright, orange colouring, gentle nature, and strong social bonds, the orangutans of Borneo have always been one of the world's most alluring primates, famously championed by Sir David Attenborough throughout his career. To see these incredible animals in the wild is an extraordinary experience, and one that requires patience and a watchful eye. On guided walks through the Danum Valley during a stay at Borneo Rainforest Lodge, keep a careful lookout for Borneo pygmy elephants, the region's endemic bird species, and wild orangutans in the rainforest canopy - the orangutans are especially more visible during the fruiting season of June. For a particularly heart-warming experience, guests can visit the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, observing from afar as the orphaned animals interact during their feeding time.

Itinerary: Discover Beautiful Borneo

Canopy Walk At Borneo Rainforest LodgeCanopy Walk At Borneo Rainforest Lodge

Exploring the Stunning Archipelago of French Polynesia

Perhaps the most beautiful archipelago in the world, French Polynesia's Society Islands boast picturesque, tropical lagoons, a distinct Polynesian culture, and lush, volcanic mountains. Our island-hopping itinerary will start in Tahiti, the largest of French Polynesia's islands, before visiting Moorea, known for its tropical jungles and waterfalls, the ‘Vanilla Island’ of Taha'a, and finally, Bora Bora, with one of the best lagoons in the world. The best way to explore the islands is undoubtedly by boat, and as part of our trip, guests will board a private catamaran charter for three nights to explore the Leeward Islands, enjoying snorkelling, kayaking, and forest walks along the way.

Itinerary: Luxury Tahiti Island Hopping

Private Charter Iti Iti Raiatea Bora Bora On Lagoon 4 Gc 2 1Private Charter Iti Iti Raiatea Bora Bora On Lagoon 4 Gc 2 1

Encountering Marine Iguanas in the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands offer some of the most remarkable wildlife viewing opportunities in the world; it was here, after all, that Charles Darwin drew inspiration for his theory of evolution. One of the most fascinating species to have adapted to this unique environment is the marine iguana, the only lizard to have evolved to forage in the sea for algae. The Galapagos tortoise, renowned for its size, is also amongst the island's most intriguing inhabitants, with the first tortoises thought to have arrived up to three million years ago. To experience these endemic creatures, it is best to visit the islands by cruise, where you will have the opportunity to visit the more remote spots whilst being able to explore more islands. On our luxury itinerary, guests can also visit the cloud forests and rainforest of mainland Ecuador - perfect for wildlife enthusiasts.

Itinerary: A Wildlife Adventure in Ecuador, the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands

Marine Iguanas Galapagos Islands Marine Iguanas Galapagos Islands

Embarking on a Wellness Retreat in India

With a culture steeped in spiritualism and the proud birthplace of yoga, India is a destination that enlivens the senses; its historic architecture is some of the most stunning in the world, and its natural landscapes range from snow-capped Himalayan mountains to wildlife-rich jungles. In the tropical south-western state of Kerala lies Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra, an intimate, luxury wellness retreat with a strong focus on ancient Ayurveda practices. Here, guests will embark on a personalised wellness journey in a beautiful tropical setting, from detoxification to mindfulness programs, whilst being moments away from a beautiful golden-sand beach. On our itinerary, guests will also experience a two-night stay on a traditional Keralan houseboat, where they'll meander through untouched coconut groves while glimpsing the rural lifestyle of the local people.

Itinerary: The Highlights of India

The Pool And Beach At Niraamaya RetreatsThe Pool And Beach At Niraamaya Retreats

Black Bear Spotting on Vancouver Island

With over 7,000 black bears, Vancouver Island has one of the densest populations in the world. Its vast coastal areas and low-lying forests make it the ideal habitat for these creatures to thrive in the wild; the island dwellers are slightly larger than the black bears found on the mainland, and active during daylight hours. Guests on our West Canada self-drive tour will have the opportunity to observe the bears during a guided tour as they forage for seafood and plants on the coast. September marks the return of the salmon - for those visiting in the Autumn, prepare to be captivated as the black bears strategically catch the fish and share it with their young. As well as Vancouver Island, our luxury itinerary will take travellers to Canada's spectacular Rocky Mountains and the surrounding turquoise lakes, enjoying a stay at the renowned Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, the 'Castle in the Rockies'.

Itinerary: West Canada Self-Drive Tour

Fairmont Banff SpringsFairmont Banff Springs

Nena Chaletzos, founder and CEO of Luxtripper, said: “Our Bucket List Collection has been created in response to us listening closely to our customers. Now more than ever they are looking at the world in a new light and don’t want to wait any longer to experience something different, somewhere new, something exceptional. Each itinerary in our collection has been tailored to offer just that, showcasing the very best of each incredible destination and deliver the once-in-a-lifetime experiences that make them extraordinary.

“As always, the natural world plays a significant part in all of our itineraries, and each experience has been carefully chosen to bring the most support and the least disruption to wildlife, marine life and the habitats they call home. We’re also delighted to be able to take on a more active role ourselves in offsetting the carbon emissions across our portfolio, alongside our clients, because travel is better when everyone stands to benefit.”